Let me introduce myself – my name is Genya and I am originally from Russia but now live in East Sussex, UK with my family.  I’ve started my blog with intention of writing posts on how to achieve a more or less balanced lifestyle with plenty of exercise, healthy eating (reasonable cheating is allowed) and a relative piece of mind.

Now I focus quite a lot on the green beauty products and my skincare routine as I am a bit obsessed with clean beauty. I had a very severe form of acne on my face for more than 10 years so I’ve also started to write “My Acne Diary” where I share my story of getting rid off acne the natural way! Read my first post with before and after pictures of my progress.

I am also a huge yoga fan, eco-friendly lifestyle beginner and over the top perfectionist.  So there is a bit of everything on my blog including some super yummy (and mostly healthy) recipes, tips on exercise & yoga as well as some thoughts on other random things.

I hope that my readers will find the posts informative, entertaining and last but not least helpful on their way to find their own perfect balance between their body and soul.

Enjoy! 🙂

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