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Aesop Anti Blemish Masque Review. Nasty blemishes on my face  is something I come across too often for my liking. I have been recently following very healthy diet and that helps my skin a lot. But I still get some break-outs. I know that acne is a painful topic for many people that’s why I would like to make a few reviews of amazing products that I have discovered only recently and that REALLY work! I have tried so many anti-acne, acne-blemish etc solutions that promise miracles or at least some improvements but in reality do nothing. At some point I almost gave up and decided that apparently acne is something I have to live with…But now there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me! First of all, proper dieting does help skin a lot…but to cover this topic I am preparing a whole series of new posts. I will keep you posted.

Then there are some products that to my great surprise do actually fight blemishes. One of them is Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti Blemish Masque. I have already mentioned this mask in my Weekend Discoveries post, but I feel that it needs a proper review as well. This natural mask is quite pricey at £33 per jar, but it is worth it! I have heard lots of positive reviews about Aesop brand and Aesop Anti Blemish Mask is the first product I have tried. It is clay based mask with strong herbal smell and it is natural with pure ingredients as well. I apply it to the affected areas (usually chicks and forehead) twice per week for ten minutes in the evening and the next morning the blemishes become much smaller and less visible. Another good point that make this mask to stand out from the rest is the fact that it does not cause new break-outs. My problem with other masks for acne-prone skin is that they usually have strong purifying properties and thus cause new wave of blemishes by bringing all the nasty things to the skin surface. But Aesop Anti Blemish Mask is just what it says and mainly affects the blemishes that are already on the surface. And then you have to wait for a week or so before seeing any improvements! On opposite this mask can be safely used before some special  occasions as it will actually make the skin look better rather than causing a new surge of acne.


Another bonus is that Aesop anti blemish mask has very light texture and when applied it does not make you look like a ghost which I hate so much about other clay-based face masks. And I had this mask only for less than a month and already went through the 2/3 of the jar that’s how much I love it! My other masks could stay on the bathroom shelfs for a couple of years for comparison…



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