Balance Me box

Balance Me box

OMG…over a week ago I had one of the best home deliveries ever! I ordered Balance Me box limited edition by youbeauty discovery and it soooo lifted up to my expectations. Just a quick note…I loved youbeauty discovery concept. This is a great web site for anyone who wants to try new trending cosmetic brands without paying a fortune. I will def be a fan in the nearest future!

Now back to the Balance Me box. I love checking out new beauty brands and I wanted to try Balance Me products for a long time and I just could not miss it. At the price of just £19.95 it gives you an opportunity to try 7 amazing products plus you get £10-off voucher for the purchase of the full-size Balance me product and the info pack about the brand.


So let’s get down to business. For me the absolute star of the lot is Super Moisturising Hand Cream. I do have a bit of issue when it comes to choosing a hand cream. Since I was a kid I always had very dry/tight sensation on my hands’ though my skin is not dry in reality. But still I use A LOT of hand cream to get rid of this sensation and not many creams provide enough moisture for me. However the ones that moisturise well are often too greasy or smell stronger than all of my perfumes taken together! But this cream is perfect, it moisturises really well, absorbs fast, leaves hands very soft and smells, oh that smell, and smells just right for me. I feel I need a bit more explanation here… the smell is very pleasant and herbal, it’s that kind of smell that you can really believe that the product is made from 98.8% natural ingredients. And its smell somehow has calming effect on me as well so could use it as a type of bed time therapy. The conclusion is: love from first sight and definitely repurchase.

The next lovely body product in the box is Balance Me Rose Otto Body wash.  I am not sure I am the best judge of this one as I have a bit of soft spot for the roses smell. Still this shower gel leaves skin very smooth, does not dry it out and gives just enough lather.  And again, the smell is divine…the gel has natural rose odour, the one you would expect from fresh roses in the garden, so very very happy about this one.

Now to the Balance Me Radiance Face Oil. The oil has some very skin-friendly ingredients such as jojoba, rosehip, sweet almond and kukui nut oils etc. I personally love oils despite of my combination skin type but still I have to be cautious what oil I choose so that it is not too heavy. Radiance Face Oil works well for my complexion and it is not greasy and very light. I put it before bed time and wake up with bright glowing skin. It also soothes my nasty break outs and evens out the skin tone.

These 3 are my favourites out of the box. I also liked Balance Me Facial Expression Filler, it does great job to reduce my mimic lines on my forehead as I often forget that I shouldn’t move my brows too much. Unfortunately Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm didn’t work for my combination skin and leaves too much residue afterwards for my liking. But its texture is really pleasant and I am sure it will work great for somebody with dry skin type. The last two products Wonder Eye Cream and Moisture-rich Face Cream are left for my mum to try as there are not really my type of beauty products. Hopefully I will get some useful feed back from her soon.
In general, I am very glad that I laid my hands on Balance Me box and got a chance to try so many Balance Me products at once. Though not all products work for me I def found couple of new gems which would join my daily beauty routine!

UPDATE 28/04/2015: I still love using some of Balance Me products from this box. I have had some amazing results using Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream, Radiance Oil and Facial Expression Filler to care for the delicate skin around eyes as well as helping with small fine lines under the eyes that I’ve got. I was quite surprised that Radiance Oil is so well-suited for this task too, it helps so much with dark circles, really nourishes skin and makes my eyelashes look great.

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