bareMinerals foundation – no, no and no!

bareMinerals foundation READY SPF20When I first started Balance Your Body & Soul I thought that I would not share my negative experience with beauty products. I still try to stick to this rule cause we are all different and what does not work for me might work for another person. So why would anybody hammer a brand just because it does not work for their individual skin type. But here I think I will make an exception.

I know that most of the people struggle finding their perfect foundation. I have tried so many different foundations in my days from both mineral and conventual makeup lines. Some of them perform better and some worse and some, like bareMinerals READY SPF 20 Foundation do not work at all! Probably if you think about mineral makeup – bareMinerals is the first name that comes on mind. When I started my transition to mineral makeup bareMinerals was the obvious choice as it’s so easily accessible. Its products do not have the cleanest ingredients, but they are decent enough. I actually quite like bareMinerals loose blusher, concealer and eyeshadow, but bareMinerals foundation was quite another story and what a disaster story. Actually I would say that it is the worst foundation/powder product I have ever used in my life and, trust me, I’ve tried a lot. Apparently their Original foundation supposed to be better one, but I’m not just into loose powders.

But let’s get back to bareMinerals READY SPR20 foundation. It’s an award-winning and really well-reviewed so I was very excited to buy it as I struggled with mineral foundations at that time. First of all, the colour selection didn’t work for me. I got R170 shade and it was too light, I know that if you get too light colour it would never work, so I went one darker to R250 and it was too dark!!! Darker shade didn’t help too. This foundation just doesn’t seem to blend or stick to the skin at all! It gives really strong coverage but it shows every single imperfection I have on my face. And I’ve tried so many things to make it work: primers, moisturising skin really well, exfoliation, applying it with all types of brushes, setting spray/powder…and nothing helps…my face looks like a mask and cakey type of mask too. It actually looks like pieces of the powder sticking out of my pores. And the worst part is that it costs £25 so it was a complete waste of £50. Apparently, I was told that if you apply it with bareMinerals brush and primer, it would look perfect. But in my opinion if a product does not work with other good trusted products, than it is not a good product after all!

P.S. I never get paid or asked by businesses to promote any products or write a review. All reviews you find on this site are my own and fair (as much as possible) opinion.

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