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April Wish List

April Wish List

Hello! Now that Spring is finally here (though it doesn’t look like it at all), it’s time for some wishful thinking and another Wish List. This month I am dreaming about glowing skin as well as casual and super comfy outfit!

  1. So the first thing on my list is Pacifica Radiant Shimmer Coconut Multiples (£15.45). This stunning pallet has all you need for fresh and glowing skin including blush, bronzer and highlighter!
  2. Leejiham Vita Propolis Ampoule (~$22.7). I’ve tried a sample of this K-beauty serum and I love it, so need to get a full size asap. My skin turned into its most radiant version only after a couple of applications, so I was very impressed. Leejiham is not a completely natural brand, but this particular product has quite clean ingredients.
  3. ASOS Mini Suede Backpack With Tassels (£35). This backpack is just beyond cute!
  4. Monki Oki straight blue cropped (£40). I love Monki clothing…I actually didn’t know that they organic cotton for their pieces. So these cropped jeans are made of 99.% organic cotton too.
  5. LA MONTAGNE – GRIS sweat-shirt (69 euros) + 9 euros delivery. Another piece of eco-fashion, this sweatshirt is made in France with 100% recycled cotton and elastane.
  6. Esprit Cotton Trainers (£45). These trainers are suitable for vegans, have textile top and rubber soils. And look just spot on for spring!

And the last thing on my wish list is to have lovely, sunny weather, that’s missing at the moment!

Sakhalin Island – On the Edge of Wilderness

Today, I have a bit of different post for a change! I went for a short trip to Sakhalin Island in Russia this July to see my grandparents and I thought it would be great to share some info about my home land. It is the most unique place I’ve ever been to, located in the Russian Far East and it’s quite a large island with the area of 72,492 sq km. It’s very wild and quite untouched land with the population density of just 9 people per sq km (as a comparison London has population density of 2,691 people per sq km). And you can really feel the wilderness and power of nature in that place. Rich greenery and dark forests dominate the landscape, while sea water gives it some extra edge. Sakhalin is very rich in resources like timber, natural gas and marine bio resources. The scenery is simply breathtaking and  you can really feel that humans haven’t yet taken over the island as we did with most of our planet!

Unfortunately there was no space for my Canon camera in my suitcase, so phone camera was the only option. But it doesn’t really matter what camera one uses to capture a true beauty!

SakhalinSakhalinSakhalin SakhalinSakhalinSakhalinSakhalinSakhalinSakhalin

I shared only photos of nature, but don’t worry there are some places where you can meet people too! Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very welcoming for the most of my stay, but nevertheless I enjoyed myself enormously and I wish that I could go back quite soon (shame it takes at least 18 hours to get there from Heathrow!!!)

Summer Proof Casual Shoes

Summer casual shoesI always seem to struggle finding perfect shoes, especially for summer time…I get on with boots but sandals and flats are a real pain for some reason. But now I have new shopping approach called “strategic shopping”. I know it sounds weird but it works really well. I used to buy everything I like and I would end with many things I really didn’t need. Now I prepare a plan and do my research. Basically before doing shopping I set up my budget, think what kind of pieces my wardrobe is missing and what colour would work best with the rest of my things. I go through all possible websites and if I don’t find the item that matches all of the criteria – I don’t buy anything. I bought some really nice shoes for last summer and for this summer I wanted stripy espadrilles, comfortable good quality plimsolls in neutral colour and peachy pink suede sandals. After going through all online stores I finally got exactly what I wanted for summer…shame the weather is not summer like at all!

First on the list, this super comfy Asos JAZZMAN Toe Cap Espadrilles (for only £14!). Espadrilles are irreplaceable for summer in my opinion, this pair is super practical and works well with so many outfits!

asos stripy espadrillesPlimsolls were a bit problematic as they are such kind of shoes where quality really matters…so these Clarks Light pink ‘Glove Puppet’ suede slip on shoes (£40) were such a good find, I really love them and the lining inside is of such good quality too. They are also available in white.

clarks pink plimsollsSandals were really easy purchase. I spotted them in my local Debenhams, they are from Faith – Faith Coral suede slingback sandals (£29) and they look exactly like I wanted them to look. Btw I’ve never been keen on Faith, but their 2015 Summer collection is pretty stunning, lots of very pretty shoe designs. Debenhams have updated their shoe department as well and I am quite impressed with them actually.

faith coral suede sandalsI am still researching eco and sustainable shoe brands, so if you have any favourites, please-please share it in the comments!