Food Supplements Spotlight – Chlorella

Chlorella Food Supplement

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I am sure that I am not the only person who feels a bit confused and have mixed feelings about food supplements. But today I’ve decided it’s time to share my best discovery so far – Chlorella capsules. Basically this is just a single cell green algae that grows in fresh water in Far East Asia, it’s packed with nutrients and by the way it’s an absolute miracle in the capsule for my digestion!

Generally, I am not too keen on food supplements, as I don’t normally see much difference when I take them. I am strong believer that you need to get most of the nutrients from real food, not from pills and capsules. But Chlorella is so different from other food supplements and I saw amazing results just in one week of taking it. I usually struggle with my digestion a lot. I have quite sensitive gut to certain foods such as gluten, red meat, dairy, processed food etc. And if I eat them too much and too often, I have horrible bloating and my tummy suffers a lot! But I think Chlorella really helps with my digestion and makes it much easier for me. Since I started to take these capsules (around maybe 4 months ago) I can see the huge difference in how I get on with the foods I have previously struggled with. And I didn’t take anything else. I cannot even compare it to other supplements like probiotics or aloe vera extract that did nothing for me. This one definitely works and helps, so worth giving it a go if you need some help with digestion!

I now bought my 3rd pack of Chlorella capsules. I got it from my local health shop and it’s from Solgar. I think it cost me around £13.5 but Chlorella is so easily available in different health shops and there are cheaper options as well. With this one you can take up to 3 capsules per day but I usually take 1-2 capsulers for 7-10 days period and then take a break for a week so that I don’t get used to it too much. I’ve also bought Spirulina powder for to try, it’s kind of similar thing…so I will see how it goes and maybe I could swap these two from time to time…

What about you? Do you have any amazing food supplements to share that work for you?

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