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Me and makeup we have very long history together. I must say it’s a bit of love and hate relationship, but it’s more on the love side recently. I am rediscovering makeup for myself again (read discovering natural makeup alternatives). So yeah now I would say I am around 90-95% user of natural and mineral makeup. The picture above is actually my stack of conventional (“dirty”) products that I got read off around one year ago. I almost cried about this sad matter…This instagram picture has inspired me to write this post. What is actually the difference between conventional and mineral makeup (apart from ingredients obviously).

I am currently on the look out for mineral makeup and I already have quiet a few favourites! This past year was not very easy and I had few moments when I didn’t want to have anything to do with mineral makeup, but I went through it and now have good routine that suits me. So what is the difference and should you switch?

Mineral Makeup

Well, one main thing to keep in mind – generally, conventional makeup has many advantages over mineral makeup. But! And this is very big but. Mineral makeup with all its little inconveniences does very big difference to my skin. When this is the case does anything else matters? For me – not really! I should also stress that in this post I imply “mineral makeup” only to “clean” and natural makeup brands such as Jane Iredale, Inika, Beauty Without Cruelty and not the so-called mineral makeup produced by the mainstream brands like MAC, Elizabeth Arden etc

So, what main challenges would somebody face if they choose to switch to mineral makeup?

1) Price. This one is quite important. There are no real alternative among mineral makeup brands for affordable drug store makeup brands. The cheapest ones you can get are probably Lily Lolo, Lavera Trend Makeup and Beauty Without Cruelty. But I would not exactly call them very affordable. The rest of the brands are in the same price range or up as Mac, Benefit and Bobby Brown that is quite expensive.

2) Availability. It is so important to test and swatch makeup products before buying to pick up the right colour! But the chances for doing so with mineral makeup are quite limited. There are only a few stores carrying mineral makeup, so most of the time you need to purchase online. Big gamble! Luckily some brands offer samples, so you can order few shades to try first.

3) Texture and formulation. A big chunk of mineral makeup products such as foundation, bronzer, blusher etc comes as loose powders. This is something to get used to…I am still not very big of loose powders, but they do have some advantages. They don’t contain any oils and beeswax, hence nothing can really irritate or block my skin. Still it’s a bit messy to apply them. Also, most of the mineral makeup foundation products tend to have drier texture. But it’s easy to avoid caky finish with good kabuki brush and setting spray.

4) Packaging. This one is a bit silly, but most of the mineral makeup comes in a very simple, not eye-catching packaging. Maybe apart from couple of brands from the high-end of the market. This actually could be a good thing as you would not buy makeup only because of fancy  packaging that you think would look great on your dressing table.

5) Skin. Now lets move to the main difference – your skin after using conventional or mineral makeup. I must say that here mineral & natural makeup is a winner. My experience as an acne sufferer is following: with all conventional makeup products I’ve tried I got more blemishes after few hours of having my makeup on. Mineral makeup acts in the opposite way, it actually helps to heal existing blemishes without causing new ones. Of course you could be sensitive to the ingredients even in mineral makeup, but the chances for this are much lower than with conventional makeup. Also, I just switched to natural mascara by Green People, though it’s not anywhere near my fav Lancome mascara, I noticed that my lashes have stopped falling out as they used to before! The bottom line (from my experience) is that mineral makeup is the way more gentle to the skin and can even improve it to some extent! On the other hand many conventional makeup products block the pores and cause irritations and blemishes.

Have you tried any mineral makeup? And what do you think about it?



4 Responses to Conventional vs Mineral Makeup

  1. Hue Rocks says:

    I never tried mineral makeup since I hate hate hate powder foundation XD. Mostly because I use sunblock which blends well with liquid foundation, but not powder on top. And I have dry skin and powder makes my wrinkles stand out T_T. I recently tried the BareMinerals SPF20 foundation and didn’t like it, since the finish is too cakey on my face, specially around my nose (and I bought it on Easter and it expires this july! I’m not sure if this short-life is common in mineral makeup, but so far I’m not going to purchase more)

    • Genya says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Yeah, powders do take some time to get used to and I am not sure how they would work for dry skin as I have oily skin, so it’s fine for me. Most of the mineral makeup brands have liquid foundations too, but they usually give only light to medium coverage. Btw Setting sprays or even mist toners can really make a difference and smooth the powder finish. And talking about BareMinerals SPF20 I hate it too, I even have a post somewhere about my feelings towards it, it’s so bad. I actually have noticed that Bare Minerals have very short expiry period, but still it should be at least 6 months… Products from other brands usually last much longer.

  2. Courtney says:

    What a great post! If you want a more affordable brand, I would check out The All Natural Face – they have some great products at a more comparable “drug store” price point. I am so glad I stumbled onto your website and am going to catch up on some other articles. I am a natural beauty blogger as well and I would be so grateful if you took a look at my site! xoxo

    • Genya says:

      Hi Courtney, thank you for your suggestion, not sure this brand is available in the UK, but I’ll check! That’s great to hear that you are also a natural beauty blogger. I will definitely have a look at your blog! xx

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