Dusty Girls Tinted Earth Cream Review

Dusty Girls Tinted Moisturiser ReviewWhat can be better than a clean, natural makeup? Only a makeup line created by the natural skincare pros like Moogoo. I have very warm feelings towards Moogoo products to start with and was very excited about their promotion that allowed me to get full size Dusty Girls Tinted Moisturiser as a gift with purchase!

Dusty Girls is a line of natural makeup that comes from Australia and it is created with many skin beneficial plant derived extracts. I’ve got

Dusty Girls Tinted “Earth Cream” in light and as I mentioned it was a gift with my Moogoo purchase, but its retail price is £11 which is a really good value for money in my opinion and you can get it from the Dusty Girls website (UK shipment is £5 and international shipment is available from their Australian website).

So how can we compare this tinted cream against other natural makeup products? Well it actually works extremely well, so well I was even a bit surprised. I cannot say that I was skeptical but I know what to expect from the natural foundations/tinted moisturisers (let’s be honest lack of silicone makes them not so great). This cream was a bit of shocker. It has lovely thick texture that spreads so easily, so a little bit goes a long way and it gives this really flattering velvety finish. The coverage is really good too, so small blemishes, mild skin redness and not very dark circles under eyes will be covered without a need for concealer. I would even say that it’s more like a light foundation rather than a tinted moisturiser!

Dusty Girls Tinted Cream Swatch

As I mentioned I’ve got it in the the light shade and it is probably just a tiny bit light for me when applied with the fingertips, but this colour works really well when applied with the blender. That’s actually how I normally apply my makeup so that’s fine for me!

So application is easy and the finish looks great, but that’s not all benefits of this Dusty Girls Earth Cream. I really like its formulations and the most important thing is that it doesn’t make my skin breakout and doesn’t clog pores. It is enriched with many healing and soothing ingredients that work great for acne-prone skin like Aloe Vera and Nigella Sativa Oil, additionally this cream contains such exciting extracts like Manuka Tree Leaf Oil and Magnolia Acuminata Bark Extract that sound great and designed to promote skin health. This cream contains Shea Butter, that usually causes lots of blemishes on my skin, but on this case for some reason. I guess it all depends on its quality and quantity used in the product.

Overall, Dusty Girls Tinted Earth Cream is a very pleasant discovery for me, that is perfect to create natural makeup look without any hassle and no compromise on the ingredients quality. And the packaging looks very cute and cheerful too!

Have you already tried any of the Dusty Girls makeup products?

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