Egg muffins recipe

egg muffins

I have a very strong love affair with eggs, but eating scrambled or boiled eggs all the time could get a bit boring. Egg muffins are so easy and simple to make but they are so tasty and filling. Plus you can make pretty much any flavour you like. I love making pepper/tomato and goat’s cheese/spinach. Egg muffins taste very similar to fritatta or omelette, but they look so much cuter! The most important bit is that the only unhealthy thing that goes in egg muffins is cheese, the rest of the ingredients are tummy-friendly!

Egg muffins are great as a light lunch or breakfast, but I never make them for breakfast as I don’t usually get up so early to cook anything in the morning…I personally think they are the best for Sunday brunch!

Ingredients for 12 egg muffins (6 tomato/pepper and 6 goat’s cheese/spinach):

6 large eggs
1 medium tomatoes
1 bell pepper (I use red ones)
50g hard goat’s cheese (I use St. Helen’s)
150g baby spinach
1 small onion
a bit of olive oil (or whatever other oil you like)
3tbsp of milk
a pinch of salt
1/2 tsp each of black pepper, oregano, basil, dry parsley, paprika and onion powder


Heat the oven to 180°C, grease muffin tin for 12 muffins. Chop finely the onion, tomato and pepper. Grate the cheese. Fry onion with a bit of oil on medium heat until slightly golden and soft. Place on the plate lined with paper towel to cool down and remove excess oil. Blanch spinach a little for 2-3 minutes on medium heat, again place on the plate lined with paper towel. Beat the eggs with milk and all the seasoning for a minute. Mix half of the egg mixture with tomato, pepper and 1/2 onion. You can add a bit of grated cheddar in the mix if you like. Add spinach, goat’s cheese and remaining onion to the remaining half of the eggs. Spoon the mixtures to the tin and bake for 25-30 min untill golden and firm. Switch off the oven and leave muffins there for 2 minutes. Then take them out and cool for further 10 min or so.

egg muffinsegg muffinsegg muffins

Egg muffins can be served cold or warm, with some side salad or on its own.
Enjoy it and hopefully you will like this egg muffins recipe as much as I do!


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  1. Sara Kashlan says:

    Ahh I seriously need to try this recipe. Perfect breakfast on the go! Thanks for sharing : )

    • Genya says:

      My pleasure, and you can even make it the night before as it tastes very good when it’s cold too!

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