Why exericise makes me feel happy

Why exercise makes me happy

I am one of that people who loves to exercise and to whom it comes very naturally. I am always active and do different things whether it’s yoga, running, strength-training or long walks. But I know that it is not the same way for everyone. People treat workouts as something really dreadful and try to avoid it at any cost. I think this is so unfortunate as we live in such inactive world that we need to make all extra efforts to keep our bodies working. From my personal experience exercise also makes you feel “right”. If I don’t keep my body active, I feel really down and measurable even if everything else is fine. Being physically active really makes a difference to my mood and how I feel. I will go a bit philosophic here and try to outline why I think exercise makes me feel happy. Maybe it will act as a little extra motivation for somebody to workout!

    • Look good – feel good factor. Everybody feels better with flat tummy and toned legs. Your body is your temple, taking good care of it is one of your main priorities. I will not even concentrate on this one as it’s so obvious!
    • Hormones of happiness. Our bodies are perfect machines at the end of a day and I am a strong believer that they are created for active life. Have you heard about hormones of happiness? Well, apparently they can be produced by our bodies while we exercise. And you probably guessed it right! They are supposed to make you feel happy. You see, everything is thought through in your body, just a bit of effort required from your part.
    • Time to catch up with yourself. I should stress here that I am a supporter of exercising on your own.  I think it’s a great idea to workout together with other people for fun or extra motivation, but exercising on your own can provide with such valuable “me time”. We always feel that we should spend some quality time with our loved ones, but do many fo us catch up with themselves? Exercise is the perfect way to be with yourself. It’s a good opportunity to learn what your body and your mind are capable of and how they can work for you…to make you happy and health. Like you know when you need to have a conversation with someone to learn more about them, treat your workout the same way – as a chance to learn something new about yourself. Trust me, you can be quite surprised!
    • A sense of achievementWell, this one is very important. Even when my day is not productive, I feel much better if I’ve done some sort of exercise. You just feel good about yourself as no matter how things are, you are doing something good for yourself. So my advice, when everything goes – do a workout, it’s good enough achievement even if everything else is messed up. And you can be very proud of yourself and feel like some kind of super warrior!

The bottom line is keep your body active and you might end up with slightly more cheerful outlook on life then you’ve had before!

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