Gentle Glow with Inika Bronzer & Eyeshadow

Inika Mineral Makeup

Happy Saturday everyone!  Today’s post is about adding some glow to your face. I’ve never been into highlighters or bronzers as I have quite tanned skin and it used to be very oily, so no need to add even more shine. But recently my skin type has changed quite dramatically and my skin does not get very shiny or oily at all. Hence it was time for me to add some makeup glow to my routine. My two star products for this purpose are Inika Mineral Bronzer Sunkissed (£20.5) and Inika Mineral Eyeshadow Lightening (£14.5).

Let’s start with the Inika eyeshadow in  lightening. This eyeshadow is a very shimmery loose white-grey powder with just a bit of silver undertone. I actually use it as a highlighter rather than eyeshadow. Honestly it wasn’t my idea to do so, I read about it on No More Dirty Looks blog and actually it works great. It gives such a nice illuminating glow to the skin without being too shimmery if you mix it properly.

Now about the bronzer…I’ve never been into bronzers as I saw so many ladies with bright orange cheeks looking let’s say “not their best”. Hence I’ve always preferred to stay away from bronzers. Then I felt quite brave  and inspired by numerous YouTube videos on face contouring so I ordered myself Inika bronzer in sunkissed shade. This is the lightest colour available. Maybe for my tanned skin I should use something darker but I really like this one. It gives such a natural hint of colour just enough to define my cheekbones.

Inika Mineral Bronzer Sunkissed & Eye Shadow Lightening SwatchesOn the left is Inika Bronzer Sunkissed & on the right – Inika Eyeshadow Lightening.

Inika Mineral Bronzer Sunkissed

As these products are loose powders they are so versatile and you can do pretty much anything with it mix it with foundation, apply a bit all over your face or on some particular parts. What I usually do is after I am done with foundation, I apply a bit of eyeshadow with blush brush on the top of my cheekbones. Then with the same brush I apply bronzer underneath my cheekbones. Afterwards I blend two powders together with my bronzer brush. Sometimes I also apply a bit of this eyeshadow above my eyebrows and in the middle of the nose and blend it well. This gives a bit of extra definition and glow to the face. As a bonus Inika products are great for sensitive skin, vegan and does not clog the pores at all! So all around winner for me.

P.S. I don’t get paid or asked by businesses to promote any products or write a review. All reviews you find on this site are my own and fair (as much as possible) opinion.

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  1. julie says:

    Wow, beautiful natural look! Gorgeous women! your blog is beautiful, i follow you on bloglovin 🙂

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