Get the right diet for healthy skin

Diet for healthy skin
Ok, so who does not want beautiful, smooth, glowing skin? Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have such. Our skin is constantly damaged by the bad environment, stressful lifestyle, beauty products packed with chemicals and by many more factors. Many of us choose the most obvious solution to get the skin back on track and grab another fancy cosmetic product from the store shelf. Don’t get me wrong, proper skin care routine is very important to keep skin in the tip-top condition, but it is not enough. It is also very important to follow proper diet for healthy skin and let me tell you that is the way more difficult than dieting for slim body!

My main skin concern is acne and uncontrollable break-outs. I have tried all the treatments available and for the last 8 months I have been altering my diet significantly. The main suspects to cause skin problems are products with gluten (wheat, barley, rye etc), dairy and sugar. But I still need to experiment with my food some more before I write a post about what works best for me and what does not. For now, I would like to share a few articles that I personally think describe very well the connection between food and skin conditions. They also provide good advice on how to follow a diet for healthy skin and to fight different skin concerns including acne, signs of aging etc with the food.

Here is the list of articles that I have found to be the most helpful:

1) 5 Myths About Food and your Skin by US Women’s Health magazine. This article addresses the main stereotypes many people have about the effect of certain foods on our body. It is really interesting to see things most of us could get wrong.

2) Get Better Skin & Digestion: 7 Ways to Love Your Liver by Green Beauty Team. This article is about the connection between our liver and skin condition. I am a strong believer that whatever problems we get on our skin is a result of some cleansing malfunction inside our body. Therefore it is so crucial to look after your liver and digestive system. The article above gives good tips not only nutrition-wise, and my personal favourites are lemon water in the morning, nettle tea and detox cleansers.

3) 7 Fruit Firmers by New Beauty. Now here is something to fight skin aging. This post basically gives a list of fruits that could promote collagen production in skin cells and fight free radicals (one of the reasons of skin aging). I think it is not a secret that fruits are great for our body as they are one of the main sources of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. I find that for my skin blueberries are the best choice as they are low in sugar and full of anti-oxidants to promote healthy looking skin!

4) 14 Foods for Healthy Hair That’s Beyond Gorgeous again by the US Women’s Health mag. I know that I promised to walk along “food for skin topic”, but our skin and hair conditions are pretty much the same kind of story. Usually foods that make your hair look beautiful are good for skin too and vice versa. In my opinion this is a list of perfect foods for anyone who wants to look fab all over their body! The only thing that I would change is kale for avocado, hate the first and love the last…But the rest is just spot on.

Again when talking about beauty and diet, the most crucial thing to remember is that after all “you are what you eat”. Love your body and don’t allow unhealthy food habits to take over your beautiful self!



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