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Natural mascarasI am sure all ladies who use mascara on a regular basis know how tricky it is to find the one and only, truly perfect mascara! To be very honest I don’t think there is a perfect mascara, but I was so loyal to my Lancome mascara and thought that there was no way I would ever let go of it. I switched to green, non-toxic mascaras quite late, actually it was one of the last items in my makeup stash to be replaced by safer alternative. I’ve read that it’s really difficult to find good natural mascara, but it turned out there are so many very decent options for all budgets. I now have a mini collection of non-toxic mascaras, some of them are pretty amazing. I need to say that you would not really get dramatic eye look with them, but for everyday wear they are exactly what you need. I also noticed that my eyes don’t become red once I’ve started using natural mascaras and my eyelashes are now much thicker and longer!

The best overall mascara from the ones I’ve got is Avril Certifié bio Mascara in Black (£5.95). It’s very easy to apply, makes eyelashes look full and long with just one layer and doesn’t smudge. I still cannot believe that it costs only £5.95 as this mascara is of such superb quality. I highly recommend everyone to check out Avril makeup especially to all green beauty lovers on the budget, the value for money is just unreal!

The best formula: the most long-lasting mascara is Ere Perez Almond Oil Mascara (aprox £15+VAT). It also lengthens the lashes really well and can be easily layered. In terms of ingredients I would say that Green People Volumising Mascara in Black (£14.75) and Natura Siberica Mascara 2-in-1 (£18.99) have the cleanest lists.

Mascara Swatches Green People Avril and Ere Perez

The best brush: Green People mascara again is a star of this category. It has such amazing thin brush and flexible tip. It is super easy to apply and does not leave any clumps at all. Ere Perez has also very nice and convenient brush in the shape of cone.

The most sleek packaging: well I just had to include this one  and it could only be Jane Iredale Lengthening Mascara Brown/Black  (£12.95). It is quite nice mascara in general, but to be honest I expected more from this mascara as I am usually quite impressed with Jane Iredale makeup. It’s not as good as Avril or Ere Perez. Anyway their golden packaging is pretty stunning!

Mascara Swatches Natura Siberica and Jane Iredale

The biggest disappointment: Natura Siberica…I really wanted to like it and it does make lashes look so great with lots of volume, but I think it just wasn’t thought through completely. The tube and brush are not really convenient and it does smudge…So insert very sad face here.

Another big disappointment is Jane Iredale Purelash Extender & Conditioner (£11.95). I will not even say much here…I read a lot of positive reviews, but for me it does nothing…well actually it does something – it makes my lashes nonexistent and I have quite good lashes even without mascara! So very disappointed in this products.

That’s all from my selection. I would like to try some more non-toxic mascaras, but I think I have enough for now. Btw on all the photos above I have only one layer of mascara.

Do you use any natural mascaras? If yes, what is your favourite one?

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