Green People Blemish Banish Concealer Review

Green People Blemish Banish Concealer

It’s been a while since I have written my last post. So I need to get back on track as I have lots of opinion to share about different bits and pieces. My most recent favourite product is Green People Blemish Banish Concealer (10ml). I bought it from CosNatural online store and it cost me £7.10. This is one of the handiest beauty products I’ve ever owned and it’s all about multi-tasking. At first I wasn’t impressed and didn’t use it at all. But than I found a very suitable way for me to use it and now I am a fan! I would not call it a concealer though but more a tinted blemish treatment, but it’s definitely very much “blemish banish”.

Green People Blemish Banish Concealer comes in only one shade. It suits me with my light medium to medium skin tone, but I don’t think it will work for very light or very dark skin tones.

Green People Blemish Banish Concealer Review


Basically what I do is I apply it after my moisturiser all over my face. I need just teeny-tiny amount to cover the whole face. It absorbs very easily and you do not need to apply primer prior to it. It works perfectly with my oily skin and it does not leave greasy feeling. To give more coverage I reapply this concealer tapping the skin with my finger few times on the areas affected by blemishes. If you need very light coverage you can mix a little bit of concealer with your favourite moisturiser as well.

Green People Blemish Banish Concealer has got friendly ingredients for problem-prone skin such as green tea extract, rosehip oil and vitamin E. I definitely notice that this concealer helps to reduce active inflamed blemishes and repair broken skin. Overall for £7.10 this is very useful natural beauty products. I think I will definitely repurchase it.

P.S. I never get paid or asked by businesses to promote any products or write a review. All reviews you find on this site are my own and fair (as much as possible) opinion.

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