Green People hair care review

Green People hair care products review

Green People review. At the moment my hair is in its absolute comfort zone thanks to the Green People hair care products. Usually my hair is a bit problematic to say the least. I have super oily roots and super dry ends. In addition, my hair is very damaged from mid-length because of all my great sins in the past. Green People is a British natural beauty products brand without all the nasty things like parabens, SLSs etc. I used some of their products and now my absolute favourites are Green People Clarifying Vitamin Shampoo(£10.45) and Green People Intensive Repair Conditioner(£11.45). It is always a good idea to use shampoo only for your hair roots and conditioner for the ends. It is especially important to follow this rule if you also have combination hair type (like myself), trust me it will make your life much easier.

Green People hair care review

Green People Clarifying Vitamin Shampoo is simply amazing, even my mum likes it a lot. I only need a tiny amount to wash my roots and cleanses so well, no need for second application at all as with some other shampoos. So I think 200ml tube will last a really long time. Also my hair still looks quite fresh the next morning after washing that usually does not happen. I also want to try Green People Daily Aloe Vera shampoo from Green People hair care range as I have heard so many good reviews about it.
Green People Intensive Repair Conditioner is great a well. Well at least for me, my mum for example was not so impressed…I already went through my second tube and going to get the third one. This conditioner is so liquid and I prefer creamy conditioners as they usually nurture my hair much better. But the funny thing is that it still works so well. Because of its liquid texture, the hair absorbs conditioner so quickly and when I rinse my hair feels very moisturised and nourished. Afterwards my hair is so easy to brush and it looks very healthy and shiny. Plus this conditioner works great for co-washing (skipping shampoo altogether) as well. I think I will stick with this hair care routine for a while as my hair has not looked so happy for a really long time!

UPDATE 28/04/2015: Since this review I’ve gone through a couple of more tubes of both Green People Clarifying Shampoo and Intensive Repair Conditioner. They are still some of my favourite hair care products. Though now I use Clarifying Shampoo only once per week as I find that it’s too drying if I use it more often, but it does help a lot with oily roots!

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