How to get into exercising


Ok, we all know that regular exercise makes you fit, healthy, active and happy. But I am sure many people face a following dilemma: they promise to start a “new” active life from next Monday….but when this Monday finally comes they are still on the same old coach in front of TV.

So how can you motivate yourself to get into exercising?

  1. Make a reasonable assessment of your current situation.
    Think how often per week you can exercise and how much time you can set aside for each work-out. If you spend even 20 min per day it will make a difference. Also consider your location and what is the nearest place to exercise. It could be local gym, near-by park or you can even do something at home or in the garden. If you are not sport-fanatic don’t go for unrealistic fancy sport clubs 5+ miles away from your home…it is always easier to exercise in the surrounding area. And of course choose the activity which is suitable for your physic and health conditions. It could be a good idea to consult your GP before getting into any kind of exercise.
  2. Don’t set up unrealistic goals.
    Let’s face the truth…most likely you will not be able to run a marathon after a month of exercise. So be realistic at what you can achieve and take it easy. If you are new to something start from the beginners level otherwise you can end up feeling disappointed or even injuring yourself.
  3. Get others involved.
    The law of life says that it is always easier to face any embarrassment together than on your own…So find yourself an exercise mate…it could be somebody from your family, your partner, friends, join local clubs or sport communities…the possibilities are endless! Also, if you have a chance, get yourself a private instructor or professional consultations. It could really make a difference in your motivation level.
  4. Bring your childhood back.
    I am sure most of us had some favourite activities when being a child. So whether it was riding a bicycle, rollerblading, playing different ball games or even simple rope skipping just start it all over again! First, the chances are that you are already quite an expert and as a bonus you will enjoy it more as well.
  5. Make your exercise part of the routine.
    The general rule of thumb is anything what is done regularly for at least 3 weeks becomes part of a routine. The same applies to working-out….just hold on for a month and then your body will crave for more without any enforcement. It is also a good idea to plan and set the time ahead for your exercise so there is no excuse to break the routine.

Hopefully this simple advice will get you out there to explore your new super active lifestyle!

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