Lavender sachets – little DIY project

DIY hand made lavender sachets

It’s not a secret that lavender sachets are a great little addition to your draws with clothing and wardrobe. apparently they help to prevent moth inside there and adds the nice aroma too.  I generally enjoy crafts and different DIY projects and last week I finally found some time to make my own DIY Lavender sachets. We have plenty of lavender at the front of our house that you need to cut from time to time. Last autumn my mum did some major tidying up of our lavender bushes so we ended up with the huge piles of lavender flowers. As I love lavender sachets so much and regularly put them in my draws and wardrobe, I decided to make my own this time. It could not be more simple, all you need to do is to let lavender stems to dry for a week on a flat surface and then remove flowers from the stems.

making lavender sachetsThen you just put the flowers in a container and use them when you are ready to make sachets. Just a quick note don’t forget about them as I did and left it for almost 6 months! But to be honest the flowers started to smell even stronger than they did when they were fresh…maybe it was even wise decision after all.

When making a sachet you have two options: 1) to buy already made little bags and 2) to make your own bags. I chose the second option only as I came across cute little cotton bags for herbs in my local homeware shop. The pack of 4 costs £3.25 and I bought two. I think it is a good little investment as they are washable and I am planning to use them for the next few years.

how to make lavender sachetsYou can also make your own and the sky is your limit. Just as a suggestion, you can get a piece of neutrally coloured thin cotton, cut it into 5-inch squares, place 1 tbsp of lavender in the middle, put all the ends together and just tie it with a bit of rope.

Once you have your lavender sachets ready, place them wherever you like and just shake the flowers inside occasionally as they will release more scent this way. Next year I am also planning to take on making my lavender oil in addition to sachets.

Quick note: to make very aromatic lavender sachets, it is best to cut lavender in august (this is for UK). I am sure people living in the UK will not have any problems finding lavender as there is so much of it available, but please don’t try to steall some from your neighbours during night-time – just ask them kindly…If you live somewhere else and lavender is not native to your area, use any other available aromatic herbs or plants, I am sure they will work just as well!


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