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Lovely Day Botanicals Skincare Review

The world of natural skincare never seems to stop evolving and I always manage to discover something new, exciting and truly unique. Lovely Day Botanicals was one of this pleasant discoveries and I felt that I need to share my thoughts about this brand in a bit more detail and write a brief review.

I found this Germany-based brand on Instagram and it’s minimalist packaging and beautifully coloured formulations won me over to place an order. In addition to good looks, Lovely Day Botanicals products are created with very clean ingredients and I failed to find anything on their ingredients list that would concern me. I ordered everything directly from their website, most of the info is in German so the Google Translate option becomes very handy! The EU delivery charge is 8 euros, but I am not sure if they ship internationally outside of the EU.

Another great point is that you can buy samples and travel size for most of the products on the Lovely Day Botanicals website.

I ordered three products: Hyaluron + Bloom Tropical Hydration Nectar (29 euros for 30ml), Skin Rescue Problem Skin Oil (39 euros for 30ml) and Hyaluron + Bloom Face Toner (18 euros for 50ml or 28 euros for 100ml).

I enjoyed using all three and already finished everything apart from the oil that I find to be very economical.

My favourite Lovely Day Botanicals product would be Hyaluron + Bloom Tropical Hydration Nectar. The nectar has the same consistency as a face serum and I think it will work for most of the skin types. It is certainly suited my oily skin as it’s super light and absorbent, yet it’s really nourishing and hydrating too. The nectar has a light pinkish colour and a herbal scent, it’s enriched with such skin beneficial ingredients as Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B3, Chamomile and Hibiscus extract. The nectar will work well for both morning and evening applications. For me it was moisturising enough to be used on its own, but it will work well with an addition of face cream too.

One of the strongest benefits of Hyaluron + Bloom Tropical Hydration Nectar is that makes skin look really radiant with healthy glow. It is one of these very reliable face serums that you know will make your skin feel and look good no matter what. I also think that it helps to balance skin and to sooth breakouts. Overall, I am very impressed with this product and will surely repurchase.

Hyaluron + Bloom Face Toner is a very pleasant facial mist with a subtle rose scent. It is enriched with skin benefiting ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, Chamomile exract, Aloe gel and Lactobacillus Ferment. This toner can be used both morning and evening to prep skin for the serum application. It is very nourishing on its own, making skin feeling refreshed, balanced and hydrated. I think Hyaluron + Bloom toner will work for most skin types.

Skin Rescue Problem Skin Oil is a high potency blend of Argan, Primrose and Blue Tansy oils. It has the most beautiful green colour and very gentle flowery scent. I got a 10ml roll-on one and love to use it topically on the blemishes or any parts of the skin that require a bit of extra care. But it seems that 10ml roll-on is no longer available.

I am a strong advocate of using certain oils for acne-prone skin and this oil blend is definitely one of them. I find that Argan oil is very balancing on its own and helps to regulate sebum production while an addition of Blue Tansy and Primrose oils adds anti-inflammatory and healing properties to this product.

I think Lovely Day Botanicals Skin Rescue Oil will also work really well on dry or irritated skin and I am pretty certain that I will use much more of this oil as the winter approaches. As I mentioned it is a very economical product to use, a little bit goes a long way. I usually use it in the evenings, but as it is so light and absorbs really quickly it can be used in the morning too.

There are couple more Lovely Day Botanicals products that I hope to get as well. These are Hyaluron + Bloom Pink Clay Mask that I saw quite a few times on different Instagram feeds and Charcoal Manuka PHA Cleansing Mask for some additional deep cleansing!

Have you tried any of the Lovely Day Botanicals skincare before?





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