My Acne Diary – Introduction Part2

My acne diary - how to treat acne

I thought that in this second part of “My Acne Diary” I should share some more details of my acne history. I think it’s very important to talk more about what treatments I’ve done so far and my thoughts on them.

So a bit of the background story, I’ve had different forms of acne since my early teens. Sometimes my skin would get better, sometimes it would be really our of control.  I started to have a lot of whiteheads on my forehead when I was around 12-13 years old, really bad pimples followed shortly after. By the time I was 14, my cheeks were completely covered with horrible red breakouts. This was the first time when I had a course of antibiotics, after that I took probiotics to support my digestive system and I was acne-free for a while. After just a couple of months all went downhill again. And it was a roller-coaster ride since then. I’d had really-really bad acne since I was 15 until I was almost 25. 10 years of self disappointment and unhappiness…Anyway, in that time I’d been on 3 types of antibiotics, 2 types of contraception pills and accutane (though I’d never finished my accutane treatment as I kind of freaked out and gave up taking it very quickly). In addition, I used a countless number of topical treatments, peels, different facials and even done colon cleansing.

Some of these treatments didn’t help at all. Some of them delivered only short-lived results. Colon cleansing gave a good result, but it had lasted for a few months only. The best result was from taking contraception pills. I’d been taking them for around 3 years and for two of those years my acne wasn’t so bad. I cannot say that my skin looked nice, no-no, it was just tolerable…I still had acne, it wasn’t just so bad. On the other hand, I had lots of unpleasant side effects, but that’s already another story. When I was in my last year at the university, pills stopped helping and after exams I had ended up with one of the worst outbreaks of acne in my life!

Nothing would help at that time, it was so bad. I took antibiotics prescribed by my doctor, but it looked like my body stopped fighting and all the crap came out on the surface of my skin…I couldn’t look in the mirror, it was so horrible. I would wake up crying because I didn’t want to get up and see myself with such disgusting face. It was very really difficult time for as it had been a challenging time in my life in general and my acne caused me to be even more depressed. I also think that taking antibiotics damaged my digestive system quite badly and the doctors I visited were not helpful at all (I would even say they were very ignorant!). After a year of this horror, I gave up and I thought that I would just have to live with this kind of skin. Though I couldn’t feel good about myself.

Then in May 2013, when I was 23 I went to see an allergist with totally holistic approach regarding my constantly running nose (this was not acne related visit at all). We were talking about my diet and lifestyle. He mentioned that there are certain types of food that I might want to avoid and by the way it could help with my acne too. This time was a turning point for me. I’ve already been switching to natural skincare and now I started to look more into what I eat. His advise of avoiding just sugar and dairy didn’t particularly help, but it was a very important turning point for me. In the next two and a half years I’ve achieved such a huge progress of understanding the need of my skin and body. My skin is getting better and better, it’s been looking fine for more than a year now and I don’t even need to avoid any foods any more. I can safely say that it was a huge journey for me and I’ve learn so much! I will share all the diet alterations I’ve made in the future posts to come. I think they should be the most interesting and not only for acne-sufferers!

In the next post in the “My acne diary” I am planning to share some quick fixes for blemishes that gave me some immediate results while I was on the long-run mission of finding piece with my body! I really hope that it might be of some use for many!

Read my first post in the series where you can find the before and after pictures of my progress.

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