My Acne Diary – Quick Fixes

My Acne Diary Quick Fixes
Though I am a strong believer that the main reason for acne is inside our body, sometimes the quick fix to tackle that annoying pimple is so necessary. So in this post I am sharing the most effective natural anti-blemish products that I’ve come across. All products that I list below are my favourites. They all have natural ingredients and give good results. They have powerful anti-inflammotary and antibacterial properties. They reduce redness as well as the size of pimple and help to prevent scarring and dark post-acne marks.

  1. Nelsons Pure & Clear Acne Treatment Gel (£4.76 per 30g). This is THE best topical treatment for blemishes that I’ve ever tried. It heals and reduces pimples so fast and it works the same way on all types of breakouts too. There is really not much more to say apart from the fact that I find it to be extremely effective product. A must-have for me and very affordable compare to my other favourite treatments!
  2. This Works In Transit First Aid (£16 per 10ml). This one is a blend of oils that comes in a roll and it has very strong anti-inflammotary properties. I use for both blemishes and small wounds. It is especially useful for the embarrassing moments when I pick my face and instead of small pimple end up with a huge bloody wound on my face. But this product is really great at healing, it kind of seals the wound, dries it and makes it disappear in one day. It also works wonders when applied on top of blemish gel…for especially fast results.
  3. Indie Lee Blemish Stick (£22.45 per 10ml). This amazing product is the only one I’ve found that can be applied underneath the makeup. Most of the topical acne products are either gels or thick cream, so when applied before makeup they can cause a foundation disaster! However Indie Lee Blemish stick is very convenient to apply, it doesn’t make the foundation cake or curd and helps to heal blemishes even under makeup. It’s a bit pricey, but very effective thanks to zinc, salicylic acid and witch hazel.
  4. Trilogy Blemish Cotrol Gel (£12.50 per 20ml). I like this blemish gel a lot, it’s one of the mildest products I’ve tried. The best thing about it is that it heals the pimple fast without drying or tightening the skin around. And it never gives a tingling sensation even when applied on top of “open” or bleeding blemish.

I will add one more product in this “blemish emergency” list of mine. It’s Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti Blemish Masque and I’ve done a full review of this product before on the blog. It’s not the most natural beauty product but it helped me so much when I had very bad acne. It’s so-so effective to reduce blemishes. I actually never use clay or mud based products as they cause my skin to breakout like crazy, but this mask is very gentle and really makes a huge difference to how my skin looks. Another great point is that it can be used as a face mask or as a topical blemish treatment overnight as well!

All of the products mentioned above have helped me so much in my worst days of acne and I really hope that they might help someone else too! In the next posts of “My Acne Diary” I think I will finally start talking about nutrition and foods I try to avoid, so stay tuned!

P.S. I forgot to mention that I always have at least two anti-blemish treatments and use them simultaneously. This way my skin doesn’t get used to the product hence I get much better results.

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  1. consumerista says:

    Женя, это здорово! Когда меня спросят про борьбу с высыпаниями, то буду знать где посмотреть про проверенные SOS решения.

    • Genya says:

      Спасибо большое! Стараюсь потихоньку делиться полезными знаниями:)

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