Nail lacquer favourites

Nail lacquer favourites - Butter London and Organic Glam

Just a couple of years ago I had a very extensive collection of nail lacquers. Anyone who saw that long row of little glass bottles was always very impressed. Then I started to apply a principal “less is more” quite often in my life. Now I go gentle on my nails and don’t paint them that often. Still I have a number of more “versatile” nail lacquers and I try to buy the ones with nail-friendlier ingredients. One of my favourite brands at the moment is Butter London. Their nail polish collection is fab, the colours are amazing and very trendy, it lasts long on the nails and one layer is always enough for rich, even colour. Plus Butter London nail lacquers are free from carcinogens, formaldehyde, toiuene and DBP. I currently love Butter London lacquer in Dahling. It’s such a wonderful colour for all seasons. It is quite bright but at the same time, it is very soft, feminine and sophisticated colour. And it has one of the smoothest applications compare to all other nail varnishes that I have ever tried. I bought it at the Brighton Boots store for £12, but I think many retails sell it online as well.

Nail lacquer favourites - Butter London and Organic GlamMy second favourite at the moment is Organic Glam Nail Lacquer in Gold. I already mentioned it in this post. Organic Glam is a makeup brand by Organic Pharmacy and its nail varnish is also free from DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde. I bought this OG lacquer in Selfridges for £10 but you can get it online from Organic Pharmacy website as well. I was looking to replace one of my all time favourites Lancome lacquer in Gold by a more gentle product. Organic Glam in Gold is the nearest I could find and I love it! It’s very pleasant gold shimmering colour, that lasts for ages and looks so eye-pleasing. I usually apply two layers and it dries so fast as well. Organic Glam has actually such a wide choice of colours so I think I will get a couple more in the nearest future. And it is so good I don’t even apply base or top coat with it!

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