Natura Siberica northern soap

I have decided I need to start sharing some of my top pics for beauty routine. I am completely into natural and organic beauty products and I study the ingredients VERY carefully. I am always willing to try something new and exciting…especially if I hear good recommendations and like what I see in the ingredients list.


For my first review I have decided to go for a bit unusual product. Recently I came across natural cosmetics brand from my Motherland Russia – Natura Siberica. After some research and my best friend’s recommendations I finally purchased their Northern Soap Detox for deep facial cleansing. Well when I got it, to say that I was a bit surprised is an understatement – this soap is completely black!!!


A bit scary, right? Well, this soap works much better than it looks. You put a bit of it on the face with the provided sponge (luckily it is black too) and massage it. Then rinse it with warm water and voila the skin looks cleaner, fresher and more radiant! I was actually very impressed with this product. It is advised to use it only 1-2 times per week but as I have acne prone and very congested skin I use it more often. The soap cleans the face perfectly without causing any irritations, break-outs or drying the skin. So now it is my new must have product!

The main active ingredient in this soap is charcoal which is famous for its absorbing properties plus it is packed with various Siberian plant extracts. And most important point for me is all Natura Siberica products do not contain harsh chemicals, produced only with natural ingredients in ethnic way which is a music to my ears. After studying the list of ingredients for Natura Siberica Northern Soap I failed to identify any points for concern.

I will definitely explore some more of Natura Siberica products in the nearest future and for some reason I have very positive feeling about this brand.

UPDATE 28/04/2015 I am still using using this soap occasionally for a deep cleanse, I have just a little bit left and will probably purchase it again!

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  1. Tristan Nguyen says:

    Is it cleanser or mask?

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