New additions to my beauty collection


Oh, shopping…what can be better? Well, maybe only doing shopping in London.  That’s exactly what I was doing recently…though I wish it would not hurt the bank account so much I still enjoyed it! And this time I indulged myself again with natural beauty products. I have such feeling I am becoming a bit obsessed but never mind it’s better to be crazy about something than not to have any interests at all! I should also mention that shopping for natural skincare and make-up is much easier nowadays as many shops recognise the growing demand for such type of products and make them available to the customers. For example, Selfridges London expanded their natural beauty corner significantly and big M&S stores now sell a selection of natural cosmetics.

So, back to business and beauty product reviews…I got quite a few exciting things. First of all, I was looking for a new nail polish and I wanted to get one from Butter London. But while browsing at Selfridges I came across Organic Glam (by Organic Pharmacy) make-up stand. I have never heard about this make-up brand before but it looked so appealing and the colours were amazing! So Organic Glam nail polish in Gold (£10) immediately caught my eye and I had to buy it! I am actually painting my nails with it as I am writing this post (multi-tasking at its best) and it looks amazing, plus it’s a non-toxic nail polish without too many nasties. I feel that I will need to write a full review for this polish!

My second Selfridges purchase was the Brown Sugar Lip Scrub by Sara Happ (£20). I really wanted to get a lip scrub as I couldn’t be bothered to mix brown sugar with olive oil all the time and wanted to have a ready to use scrub in my bathroom. This scrub is very nice, smells like a caramel and a jar comes in a very cute box. I have already tried it, it makes lips really smooth, silky-soft, pink and overall lovely! Though I would really love this product to be perfect as I loved it so much, it is not…wheh I just bought this scrub, I glanced at the ingredients list and I don’t know how but I didn’t notice petrolatum (=vaseline=mineral oil) there. For me this ingredient is a complete no-no. I will still use this scrub but I would prefer not to have petrolatum in there and I would not buy it again. Plus at £20 per 30g jar I think it is just too expensive…considering that it contains petrolatum which is used in some beauty products because it’s so cheap!!!

My next stop was M&S store near Bond Street station. I am actually very surprised that you can find so many natural brands in their big stores and on their website. But again in my humble opinion Marks & Spencer has an amazing team of market researchers. M&S is the only place in the UK where I can find my new favourite Skyn Iceland brand. This brand is specifically designed for stressed and sensitive skin with lots of issues (read my skin type). This time I bought new Anti-Blemish Gel ,£13(as I almost ran out of the one I had) and Nordic Skin Peel, £38. Plus I got free Icelandic Relief Eye Pen (normally £17) plus as the shop assistant was super nice I got quite a few Skyn Iceland and REN samples for my skin type. Btw just a small advice: if you are not offered samples always ask for some you want to try or could work for you. I personally found lots of great products by using a sample first!

I am going to write full product review for Skyn Iceland on my blog very soon. As I think it’s already the way too much information and I will leave it here for now!

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