How I Got Rid of Acne with Changes in Diet

How I got rid of acne with changes in diet

One of the key changes that helped me to get rid of acne is the adjustment I made to my everyday eating habits. It wasn’t a very easy jorney and it took me more than a year to see any results. I went through a long period of trial and error and learnt quite a lot about my skin and my digestive system. So now that my skin is more or less clear of blemishes I feel that I am finally ready to share what worked for me.

First I though I would put together a series of blog posts, but then I realised that there is just too much information to share. So I made a video where I talk about what changes in diet helped to get rid of acne and improve my skin. It came out a bit long, but I hope my readers who have skin issues might find it useful. This video also features before and after pictures of my skin.

Please remember, that everything I say in this video is not a medical advice but only my own experience in dealing with pimples. It might not work for everyone, but I will be very happy if it encourages other people to fight for healthy and clear skin!

Natura Siberica Oblepikha Scalp Scrub Review

Natura Siberica Oblepikha Hair Care Sculp Scrub

Here is one more review to finish my natural hair care series. This time it’s all about taking care of hair roots and scalp skin with Natura Siberica Oblepikha Scalp Scrub! I love Natura Siberica products and not just because myself and this brand are from Russia. There is no bias from my side here as their products offer amazing value for money. If you are after natural, effective and safe skincare, haircare and bodycare, but don’t have much spare cash – this brand is for you. Natura Siberica products have got good ingredients, eye pleasing packaging and work really well too. They also offer some unique products that I’ve never seen from other brands! Oblepikha Scalp Scrub is definitely one of such products, how often would you find scalp scrub among hair care on offer?

At first, I thought that it’s one of the products that no one really needs. But if you think about it, it really makes sense to use scalp scrub. Everyone always talks about the importance of skin exfoliation yet scalp somehow gets ignored. However, as some of us use styling products and have oily roots, we really should exfoliate skin on our head to remove the build-up of oil and pollutants to achieve healthy skin. So that’s where Natura Siberica scrub comes in very handy. It is designed to balance sebum production, prevent dandruff and stimulate hair growth. I don’t really suffer from dandruff, so cannot judge that point, but my scalp used to become a bit flakey occasionally. This definitely stopped once I started to use this scrub.

If you translate oblepikha from Russian Рit means sea buckthorn and this scrub smells exactly like these wonderful berries. It has quite large scrubbing particles  that are made from the cones shell of Siberian pine tree.

Natura Siberica Oblepikha Scalp Scrub ReviewHowever, they don’t irritate skin and provide very gentle scrubbing experience. I use this scalp scrub once a week especially when I apply oil treatment on my hair roots. I apply it before shampooing, on wet hair and massage it for a couple of minutes. It lathers a bit, washes off very easily and really makes a huge difference to how clean my hair feels. It is very affordable, only ¬£5 for 200ml tube and lasts really long. I’ve been using it for the last three months and still have plenty left. In terms of the results, I noticed that my hair doesn’t get as oily as before, doesn’t fall out as much and scalp is very healthy, no itchy feeling or flakes. So it is a really pleasant if a bit unusual product to use. As I mentioned above, I love to use it after applying oil on my scalp as I struggle to wash it off with shampoo only, but this scrub cleanses off even sticky castor oil wonderfully!

Oblepikha Scrub is definitely the product to keep in the shower and I am going to repurchase it once I am done with this tube. In the UK, it is available at CosNatural and you can get 10% off with my promo-code balance10.

W3LL People Bio Brightener Stick Review

W3ll People Bio Brightener Stick ReviewI absolutely love makeup illuminators and highlighters and I should say that there is an abundance of them on the green beauty market, but it can be really difficult to get the right and flattering colour. W3ll People Bio Brightener Stick (¬£20) is one of my favourites at the moment as it gives an instant, natural-looking and effortless glow to the skin.What I’ve noticed after sampling some illuminising products by other top natural brands is that it can be really difficult to find neutral colour that doesn’t give too much shine. Many illuminators I’ve tried have very strong silver, gold or lavender undertone and they look very strange when applied on the skin, like a show makeup. But W3ll People illuminator has a really nice beige-silver undertone that complements my natural skin colour and blends in really well.

W3ll People Bio Brightener Stick SwatchThis is how W3ll People Brightener Stick looks when just applied.

W3ll People Bio Brightener Stick Highlighter SwatchAnd this is how it looks after blending. I usually use my finger tips or blending sponge to blend it. I apply it on the bridge of my nose, just above upper lip, and along the top of the cheekbones. Sometimes I apply it in the inner corner of my eyes too to brighten them up, but only if I am not going to wear makeup for a really long time.

I should also add that this highlighter stay in place for quite a well, so I don’t need to reapply it during the day and it doesn’t cake up. So I am very happy with it! In the UK, it is only available at Content Beauty and Cult Beauty. But it is available in many US online shops and it’s much cheaper there too.

Check out my review and demo video on this W3ll People product to get a better idea what it can do and how I apply it!

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