RMS Beauty Un Powder – Bye-bye oily face

Well, my sad life story is combination acne prone skin type plus my face always becomes very shiny especially if I wear make-up. I tried so many things to control this shine including special skin care and treatments for combination skin, mattifying powders, etc. The only thing which helps is bloating paper. At least it was true till I came across RMS Beauty Un Powder.


This American brand of “clever” natural make-up is still making its way around the market. As I am  a bit of an addict to mineral and natural make-up I have decided to give it a try. I made myself a promise to buy only one product to start with and I was thinking between Living Luminizer and Lip2Cheek products (as I have seen great reviews about them). But when I was choosing between these products I came across RMS Beauty Un Powder and I knew straight away that this is just the perfect product for me. It is quite pricy at £28 but it is worse every penny.

Un powder is white light powder with transparent effect designed to be applied on the top of your foundation.


It comes with a sponge but I prefer to apply it with round powder brush. The powder does not leave any white residue on the face and it sets the foundation very well. Now let’s talk about results…I am not very often impressed by make up product but this one is simply great! It really does what it is supposed to do. Since I have bought the powder I have not yet used bloating paper at all. I even sometimes apply Un Powder when I don’t wear make up just to give my skin matte feeling. Now even when I spend the whole day in London running breathless around tube  my face looks absolutely fine without any sign of nasty oily shine! One more important point –  it does not cause new break outs and does not clog the pores.

I would highly recommend anyone on the mission to establish full shine control on their faces to get this amazing product. RMS Beauty Un Powder is one of the few products which really delivers on its promises and I am very excited to buy and try some more of the RMS Beauty products in the nearest future.



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