Sakhalin Island – On the Edge of Wilderness

Today, I have a bit of different post for a change! I went for a short trip to Sakhalin Island in Russia this July to see my grandparents and I thought it would be great to share some info about my home land. It is the most unique place I’ve ever been to, located in the Russian Far East and it’s quite a large island with the area of 72,492 sq km. It’s very wild and quite untouched land with the population density of just 9 people per sq km (as a comparison London has population density of 2,691 people per sq km). And you can really feel the wilderness and power of nature in that place. Rich greenery and dark forests dominate the landscape, while sea water gives it some extra edge. Sakhalin is very rich in resources like timber, natural gas and marine bio resources. The scenery is simply breathtaking and  you can really feel that humans haven’t yet taken over the island as we did with most of our planet!

Unfortunately there was no space for my Canon camera in my suitcase, so phone camera was the only option. But it doesn’t really matter what camera one uses to capture a true beauty!

SakhalinSakhalinSakhalin SakhalinSakhalinSakhalinSakhalinSakhalinSakhalin

I shared only photos of nature, but don’t worry there are some places where you can meet people too! Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very welcoming for the most of my stay, but nevertheless I enjoyed myself enormously and I wish that I could go back quite soon (shame it takes at least 18 hours to get there from Heathrow!!!)

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