Scrubbing Time – Face

Laidbare for richer for porerSummer seems to be that particular time of the year when I reach for scrubs and exfoliators quite often. I am not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing according to the beauty gurus, but who cares if my skin needs some extra TLC!

First, lets talk about products for face. I don’t usually exfoliate my skin as I still have active acne. Many people think that exfoliation helps with breakouts, but it doesn’t! If you have active breakouts, under no circumstances use face scrub or exfoliator as it can easily spread the infection and make inflammation even worse. So I exfoliate my skin only when I have good skin days….

At the moment I am loving Laidbare For Richer For Porer – Pore Minimiser Facial Masque. I got it from Hollande & Barrett for £6.99. It has very creamy texture with small particles, so I use it as both face scrub and mask. I usually have a difficult relationship with facial scrubs as I find most of them to be too harsh for my acne-prone skin. Laidbare For Richer For Porer has just  the right amount of exfoliating bits (from the ingredients I guess it’s corn maze powder), so it really buffs away top skin layer without damaging it and not causing any irritations. Using this product is so easy and hassle free. I sometimes use it just as a scrub or leave it for 10min as directed. It applies very easy on dry skin in thin layer and is actually absorbed by skin. I have quite large pores with lots of blackheads and whiteheads and while it does not minimise the pores a lot, it definitely helps to keep them blackheads free and diminishes my whiteheads too. So in general I get much clearer looking skin after using this product. Plus Laidbare For Richer For Porer has  amazing ingredients such as Kaolin Clay, Japanese Seaweed Extract and Liquorice Extract. I think that explains why it’s also so soothing on the skin. In general, for £6.99 and mostly natural ingredients, it is very nice product.

Now to the most interesting product from my scrubing routine – Pure Thoughts Sweet Honey Lip Scrub (£6.95). I know, lip scrub…I would also roll my eyes and would say is she kidding? But trust me, once you try lip scrubs you learn how much you’ve been missing in life! Especially if you are into mate lipstick – you need lip scrub asap. I really really love Pure Thoughts Lip Scrub, it is sooo good. It has the best ingredients ever and just a few of them too. It basically contains shea butter, olive and macadamia oils, honey, beeswax and cane sugar. That’s all!

Pure Thoughts Lip ScrubI apply a bit of Pure Thoughts Lip Scrub on my lips, rub it for a bit and wipe it off with a tissue. After this treatment my lips look gorgeous – really plump, soft and pink! I use it around twice per week and omg I think this 25g jar of scrub will last me for ages, I’ve used only tiny amount for 2 months. So trust me, if you don’t have a decent lip scrub, than you really need it in you life. literary a life changing product 🙂 Pure Thoughts Natural ProductsWhen I ordered this lip scrub from Pure Thoughts I also bought few sample products and they are all very nice and of a high quality. This is surprising for me as I am not a huge fan of handmade skin care products. I am going to buy hand balm in full size in the nearest future.

I will also follow this post with my body scrubbing routine, so keep en eye on it.

P.S. I don’t get paid or asked by businesses to promote any products or write a review. All reviews you find on this site are my own and fair (as much as possible) opinion.


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