Skin whitening and tone correcting

Skin Whitening and Tone Correcting

I am sure every one of us wants to have perfect smooth skin…Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with such gift and many have various skin concerns. I’ve noticed that my review of Dr. Organic Royal Jelly Collection is quite popular and many people are particularly interested in their Whitening Cream. It looks like skin whitening and tone correcting are a big issue and that’s why I would like to share my own experience. I hope it will help some other people on their way to a perfect even complexion. I would not say that I am interested that much in skin whitening though, more in tone correcting. But these two could be very similar issues for many people.

I have two main concerns with my skin in terms of its tone. Firstly, I have post-blemish red and brown spots that take a quite a long time to vanish. I occasionally have skin discolouration around my chin area as well.

Secondly I have a major tanning issue. My natural skin tone is light-medium with neutral undertone, but my face gets tanned so fast compare to my neck. I need only 10 min under the sun and my face will be quite tanned. I would not mind it at all but the contrast between my neck and face can become quite striking! And my tan really stays on, it takes ages for it to come off!

So my skin tone correcting mission is to get rid off post-acne marks and prevent/remove too much tan.


The first obvious step to deal with any skin imperfections is skin care products. There are many advanced whitening creams and peels available on the market. But I am not even going to talk about them. Ingredients in some are simply shocking and I don’t understand why products like these are even allowed to be called skin care (a poison would be more suitable name). I would never use anything what can bleach my skin and would never advise anyone to do so. I understand that some people especially with darker skin tones are prone to extreme hyper-pigmentation. But in my head using bleaching creams and peels to improve skin colour just doesn’t work.

Let’s leave the drastic nasty products, and talk about more realistic options. Unfortunately, there are not many skin whitening & tone correcting natural products. If you don’t mind to use mainstream beauty products, I would go for Asian brands then. Shu Uemura has got excellent whitening range, it’s very effective and is not so harsh on your skin.

I think that it’s very important to understand that there are no natural ways to achieve much whiter skin than your natural skin tone. In this post I am talking only about discolourations that are caused by some kind of damaging external factor. And that’s what I am addressing with my skin care routine. I have discovered 3 natural skin care products that work for me. Dr. Organic Whitening Cream, Trilogy Botanical Lightening Treatment and Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening & Tone Correcting Serum. The latest helps with discolourations caused by inflammations (blemishes, irritation). It helps to reduce any sort of redness and heal skin. I think this product is really great option to prevent discolourations in the first place as well as correcting skin tone. You can read my full review of this pretty amazing product.

Dr Organic Whitening Cream (read my review) is good for improving skin tone and reducing discolourations especially post-blemish. I think out of three, this one is the most effective against post-acne marks. I use it quite a lot on my back and chest and almost all dark spots are gone now.  It does not actually whiten the skin though.

Trilogy Botanical Lightening Treatment is a great product for restoring natural skin tone and removing tan, of course it does not do it over night. I think I went half a tone lighter in around 3-4 weeks. So in terms of general skin whitening this is the best products, again it won’t change your skin tone dramatically, but will definitely restore some of the damage done by sun and environment.

There are also a huge number of acidic toners, brightening cleansers, peels and scrubs available. I haven’t personally found any effective ones. I stay from peels, feel very cautious about scrubs and don’t use very often. Regarding acidic toners – my skin is very reactive on acids, I can stand a bit of salicylic acid, but most of the time acidic toners just worsen my chin area discolouration.

Sun Protection

Another important issue to consider is sun damage. Actually sun light is one of the major threats to any skin type, but if your skin is prone to pigmentation, you should avoid sun exposure at all costs. Any kind of skin pigmentation will get worse under the sun, and some skin discolourations are a direct result of sun damage. I wear sunscreen most of the time. During the winter if it’s not too bright I go for spf15 or spf20, but when it’s sunny I always use high spf. I really love Alba Botanica Green Tea SPF 45 Sunscreen (you can get 10% off with my code balance10), it is really effective, does not leave white marks and the ingredients are reasonably clean too. I know many natural skin care producers say that you don’t need to use spf higher than 15. Well, from my own experience I would say that it’s absolute rubbish! Obviously, it’s said by someone who hasn’t experienced skin pigmentation. If I wear spf15 in bright sun, my face will be tanned so fast and I will have a huge discolouration around my chin area. So I prefer my spf45. Hat is another great thing, last summer I was wearing hat all the time and I intend to do so this summer too. As a bonus it prevents you from getting heat strike and saves your hair from sun damage too!

There are also a couple of DIY tricks. Some people recommend applying lemon juice on your skin, I am not too keen on it personally. But I like to use chamomile for skin lightening. My face got so tanned a couple of years ago and I removed it quite well with ice cubes made from chamomile tea. Basically you just brew very strong chamomile tea, pour it into ice-cube form and freeze it. Roll one ice-cube around your face in the morning for a few weeks and you will see a difference! Chamomile has got very good lightening properties.

I know it’s a lot of text, but I hope it will be helpful as I understand that skin discolouration and pigmentation is a real pain. I think I got it easy with my skin, there are much worse cases and I can only wish to anyone affected lots of courage, confidence and success!

6 Responses to Skin whitening and tone correcting

  1. Pooja says:

    Hi, which of the three whiting products were the most effective?

    • Genya says:

      I would say Dr. Organic is the most effective, but for me it’s a bit too strong to use on my face. I prefer Trilogy Lightening Treatment, it’s effective enough without causing irritation.

      • Pooja says:

        Would you prefer trilogy over the antipodes tone correcting serum or does that one target something else entirel?

        • Genya says:

          It depends what you are looking for…Trilogy actually lightens the skin tone in general, while Antipodes serum evens out the skin tone more and it’s more brightening rather than lightening product. I think these products can be used together.

  2. Pooja says:

    Thanks! and you recommend these two products over the antipodes worship serum/indie lee squalene?

    • Genya says:

      They are definitely better for skin tone correcting than Worship serum. Indie Lee oil can help with skin pigmentation too, but only a little bit…

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