Why to do skipping rope workout

Skipping rope workout

Summer is finally here! Oh I cannot be happier about this! And it means that it’s time to show your gorgeous legs to the world. Of course there are two major problems with this statement: 1) English summer is not as sunny and warm as it could be and 2) sometimes your gorgeous legs are covered with a layer of fat tissue accumulated during winter time. Regarding the 1st issue we can all just hope for the best, but the second one can be sorted out by getting a skipping rope and doing skipping rope workout on regular basis.

As a person who used to do a) gym,  b) running, c) strength training etc etc on regular basis, I will tell you that nothing works as good for my body as skipping rope combined with a bit of yoga. In general I have a tendency to collect all fat bits on my legs and thighs in particular so this kind of workout really helps me as it mainly targets your lower body. And the crucial bit, skipping rope does not make you look bulky and it is so intensive that 15min per day is often more than enough for me. I just can see that when I don’t do it, all the fat is coming back to my legs and once I start skipping rope – the fat layers melt away and my legs look really toned!

I understand that for many people skipping rope is associated with childhood play but this stuff gets very serious if you do it as a workout and there are even different skipping techniques to get the most out of it!

If you want to try skipping rope for yourself, it cannot be any easier to do…you can purchase a rope in pretty much any sports gear shop and you can do it anywhere you like. I personally prefer to jump outside as you don’t really want to break some nice vase in your house. And no matter what is your level of fitness, you can start skipping rope, just start with whatever number of jumps you feel comfortable and make sure to increase the number by 10-15% next time you train.

This jump rope tutorial for beginners is the great introduction to skipping rope and main techniques you can use.  And don’t forget that it’s also important to warm up before workout and stretch after…especially your calves as otherwise they will be so sore the next morning.

My personal skipping rope routine is the following:

150 hops regular jumping on both feet (I always land my heel on the ground)

100 hops side to side jumping

50 hops running while lifting knees up

50 hops running with butt kicks

100 hops “scissors” (altering between putting left and right foot in front when landing)

200 hops regular jumping

I sometimes stop for a sec to catch the breath or sip some water, but otherwise I try to do it continuously and it takes me around 10-15 min. And as I mentioned before I combine skipping rope with yoga and it is my perfect solution for toned body. Yoga is also good as you really need to stretch your muscles very well if you skip rope.

Also make sure that you wear comfortable trainers and be ready that skipping rope will probably turn out to be a bit more intense that you anticipate!

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