Skyn Iceland review

Skyn Iceland Review

Let me introduce you to Skyn Iceland – my relatively recent discovery among more natural beauty products. I already have a few favourites and slowly but surely I continue to explore this skin care brand.

A little bit info about Skyn Iceland: it’s paraben, sulfates and mineral oils free, 100% vegetarian and inspired by the plants and natural resources of Iceland. What makes this brand to stand out for me is that it is specifically formulated for stressed skin (I guess many of us know what that means). Their products target 5  main stress-related skin concerns – accelerated aging, dryness, irritation, acne and dull skin and I raise my hand for the last 3 points….

I mentioned Skyn Iceland in this post earlier on my blog and now I feel that I need to give this brand a little bit more attention. The first product that I have purchased was Skyn Iceland Anti-Blemish Gel (£13). I am always on a search for effective, yet not harsh blemish treatments. This anti-blemish gel is by far the best topical acne treatment I have ever used and I think it is good value for money too. It contains salicylic acid, that I find to be the most effective natural anti-acne solution. Another ingredient that I really like is willow bark extract that works so well for me. I apply Skyn Iceland Anti-Blemish Gel on active break-outs before going to bed, over the night it reduces the inflammation, redness and all blemishes become much less visible. I also noticed that when I started to use this gel, the blemishes do not leave permanent brown spots or scars any more. I already go through my second tube and it looks like it still works for me as I often find with other blemish treatments that stop working after being used for a couple of weeks. And the most important point  that compared to other products I used Skyn Iceland Anti-Blemish Gel does not dry out the skin around break-outs at all! Because what I usually got from other similar products is a piece of crust instead of skin after applying the product. This gel simply reduces the inflammation and diminishes the blemish without damaging my skin. And it smells really nice and fresh.

The next product I really like is Skyn Iceland Nordic Peel (£38). I have very disastrous relationship with peels. I can only use them when my skin looks alright and what is the point to use a peel than? My skin is very sensitive and it reacts on any harsh treatments, though as I have lots of blackheads, whiteheads and acne scars I always wanted to use a peel. The only treatment my skin tolerates is REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask but only very-very occasionally and it is not enough. I was actually advised to try Skyn Iceland Nordic Peel by a shop assistant in Marks&Spenser (where I buy Skyn Iceland) and she convinced me that it is really really gentle. So I bought this peel and it is indeed very gentle on my skin. At £38 per jar, it is a bit expensive but it contains sixty pads and I after using it for 2 months I have hardly used even half so it should last a while. This peel can be used quite often, at the beginning I used it around 3-4 times per week, now I am using it twice per week. First of all, as this product is in the form of wet pads, it is very easy to use. Then to my own surprise, this peel does not cause any irritations, redness or new breakouts. I also noticed that I have much less whiteheads and blackheads and I think it helps with my active acne a bit too. And my super large pores are less visible now. I am not sure what it does to my acne scars as they definitely disappear but I also use Rosehip oil so not sure what product is exactly responsible for this.  And Skyn Iceland Nordic Peel smells minty and leaves very pleasant cool and tingly sensation on the skin.

I also got Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Pen (£17.50)for free with my last purchase. Basically this is just Icelandic Relief Eye Cream but in the highlighter like container with a really convenient dispenser at the end. At first I did not see any difference from the Origins eye care products I normally use. My skin around the eyes looks pretty much the same maybe only slightly less puffy. But what I notice that my eyes do not look red and don’t get watery so often as they used to. I am not sure if it is just my allergy is easing and this cream works much better for me. At the moment I finished Relief Eye Pen but if I notice that my eyes are back to normal irritated state I will repurchase Icelandic Relief Eye Cream but in a normal jar as it comes out much cheaper.

I have a couple of more products from Skyn Iceland I want to try and and I am making my way through a couple of samples I’ve got. What I also like about the brand that they have very good descriptions written on their products – could be a very entertaining read on a boring day!

P.S. I never get paid or asked by businesses to promote any products or write a review. All reviews you find on this site are my own and fair (as much as possible of course) opinion.


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