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Best oils for skin & hair


To be honest I have never used oils as part of my beauty routine until recently. I have combination to oily skin and my hair roots tend to be quite greasy so I thought “more oil – no, thank you! I have enough of my own…” But when I got more into natural cosmetics I decided to give oils a go. And I should admit they do substitute now quite a few of chemically packed products I have used before. So how can you include natural oils in your beauty routine and what are the best oils for skin and hair

1) Moisturisers.
Oils are great moisturises. You can use it on your face, dry skin patches, hair ends and nail cuticles. My favourites for skin are jojoba oil and almond oil, for hair I would say argan and coconut oils and for nails you can actually use any you like (I prefer argan). Btw argan oil is also famous for its anti-aging effect so I guess I will test it at a later stage of my life.


2) Make-up remover.
Yes, that’s right…you can actually use oils as make-up remover. And you can even get rid of quite heavy eye make-up. The main point is to be gentle so that you don’t get oil into your eyes. I personally use grapeseed oil and I really like it, it is a bit thick but it cleans the face perfectly. Also anyone who has really dry skin could apply grapeseed oil as a powerful moisturiser.
P.S. I know that some women use coconut oil as a make-up remover…I might try it at some point as well.

3) Face cleanser.
You can also use oils for hot oil cleansing. Basically what you do is massage some oil on the dry face, place wet hot cloth on top, keep it for 2-3 minutes and voila you get spa-style sparkly clean face. For this purpose I use special Moogoo cleansing oil for combination skin. But you can use pretty much any oil which is suitable for your skin type.

4) Hair growth elixir.
Some oils are great if you suffer from mild hair loss or you just want to strengthen your hair. The two stars in this category are castor oil and jojoba oil. I usually mix two in proportion 1:1, massage the scalp with the mixture, leave it overnight and wash my hair in the morning. The result is great, my hair becomes much shinier and I do find less hair in my brush after such treatments. Also if you can stand strong smells you can add a couple of drops of rosemary oil which is good for hair growth. Or some lemon or peppermint oils if you have greasy scalp as I do.
In addition, I put some jojoba oil on my lashes and brows to make them thicker. I always had quite thick brows, but you know what, I really saw the difference with my lashes…after I used jojoba oil for like 6 months my lashes became longer, thicker and they don’t fall out as often as they did before. I would not advise to use any other oils on your lashes as I find other oils might irritate the eyes.

And as a cherry on top, you can always use different oils to treat your loved ones with a relaxing massage.
So what do you think are the best oils for skin?