Three Small Routine Steps I Love

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You know when you read articles where people reveal what are their little secrets to feel better or to look good…well I’ve decided to do one with my own discoveries. I will share three little beauty (and body) secrets that I feel really make a difference to how I look and feel!

1. Use Face Serums. It’s super easy step but is often overlooked and neglected by many women in their skin care routine (including myself till only recently). I’ve always been sceptical about layering products as I didn’t want to annoy my oily skin. So for me it’s been cleanser, toner, light face cream and face mask as a treatment maximum. How mistaken I was not to use serum…that’s what really treats your skin, I would go as far as to say that if you have a really good face serum it does not matter what other skin care you use. The thing is that if you have some skin concern like pigmentation, dry skin, sensitivity you won’t sort it out with cream or cleanser…serums on the other hand specifically target different skin problems and as they are so easily absorbed – they really make a difference! At the moment I am in love with Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening & Tone Correcting Serum (£40.85). My next step is to introduce eye serums to my routine, but I am still making some research about it.

2. Eat one avocado every day. This is again such an easy thing that makes a huge difference. Ok, I know some people love avocado some people hate it, but ladies if you want to have healthy skin and hair just eat it. There is a whole list of super foods that are supposed to be good, but I’ve tried many and didn’t see the difference. With avocado I get the results – if I don’t eat it let’s say for 3-4 days I get so many breakouts and my hair doesn’t look good. Once I start eating it daily my skin gets better almost immediately (without changing anything else in my diet). For me avocado is the most reliable source of healthy fatty acids that are so so important for healthy skin and hair. I’ve never liked avocados that much, but now I got so used to eating it I get stressed if none is left in the fridge! You can do quite a few things with avocados, but I usually add it to salads or eat it on its own as a snack.

3. Yoga. This one is not as complicated as some people might think. I am not talking about doing fifteen inversions of headstand in one go. Even small 10-minute flow few times per week can make a difference. I practise yoga for a bit more than a year and I should say that I’ve never felt so much in piece with myself and with my body. I can wright about how I feel now for ages but I think I will leave it for another post. I will just say that through my yoga practice I’ve learnt so much about my body and I don’t treat it as my enemy anymore that accumulates fat in the places it shouldn’t…now I respect my body, I embrace it the way it is and I understand it much better. And I am not even talking how yoga effects my mind state. Again I could wright quite a lot here but in short it made me much more relaxed person and helps me to be very present and focused without wasting my thoughts on things that don’t really matter!

That’s my little every day routine steps that make my skin, body and mind feel much better… Hence making me a happier person. I hope this little list could help someone too!

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