My Top 5 Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas

I just love different herbal teas…I don’t think I could survive a day without a nice cuppa of nettle or chamomile tea. As I don’t drink any green or black tea and try to cut off my coffee intake, herbal tea is a very obvious choice for hot beverage! Here is my top 5 herbal teas list, all of them are caffeine free, they are not known for any side effects and can be bought in pretty much any supermarket or health foods store.

1. Peppermint Tea

Mint tea is one of the most basic herbal teas. And it is very convenient tea to like as it is served in literally all cafe and coffee shops. Peppermint tea is really refreshing and has quite strong aroma because of the high menthol content. Thus it is very soothing and is great hot drink when you have congested nose, cold or flu. I read in many articles that peppermint tea is great before bed-time beverage as it helps to sleep, but for me it works in opposite way. I actually prefer to have it in the morning as I feel that it’s really refreshing and energising, plus it’s super tasty as an ice-tea! Peppermint tea could also help digestion and constipation problems as it is known to relax muscles tissue. Don’t forget to try and make your tea from fresh mint, it’s definitely the best!

2. Chamomile Tea 

This is the second basic type of herbal tea that is so easily accessible. I think chamomile is like my absolutely favourite plant as it is unbelievably beneficial: it is soothing, calming, antiseptic, anti-inflammotary, it is great for your skin and immune system. So no surprise that I drink a lot of chamomile tea. My usual way – I have a cup of chamomile tea with a tea-spoon of acacia honey before bed time and sleep like a baby. Also, if I feel that I start to get a cold, I have around 3-4 cups of chamomile tea per day and in 1-2 days I am back on track. This tea is just amazing, I don’t think I could live without it. As I have constant problems with my throat, it is great tea to soothe all the uncomfortable sensations I get. Plus, as chamomile is famous for its anti-septic and brightening properties, I make ice cubes from chamomile tea and then use it on my face. It helps to brighten the skin complexion and reduce the appearance of post-blemish discolouration. Btw, all the skin care products that contain chamomile extract/oil also work really well for me.

3. Rosehip Tea

I’m sure that everyone who is into natural beauty products have heard a lot about how amazing Rosehip Oil is. Well, rosehip tea is pretty darn good too.  Rosehip tea is usually made from rosehips of Rosa Canina (or simply dog rose) that is one of the richest sources of vitamin C and is bursting with antioxidants.  No surprise then that this tea is great to strengthen immune system and to fight infections. When I was little, we used to make Rosehip Tea at home, as in Russia we have so many Rosa Canina bushes growing all over the place. This is another tea for cold/flu moments additionally to chamomile tea. Also, Rosehip tea is so refreshing and tasty and is great for summer-time ice teas!

4. Rooibois (redbush) Tea

I’ve been advised to drink rooibois tea by the allergist, when I discovered that I have intolerance towards certain foods. This tea is made from rooibois plant that grows in South Africa. Apparently, it’s recommended to people with allergies and food intolerance as this tea can help a lot indigestion. Plus rooibois is full of anti-oxidants and minerals such as zinc and calcium. There are two types of rooibois tea: green and red. The most common type is red and it is actually very similar to black tea in taste. I think rooibois tea is the best tea to go if you want to switch to herbal teas from black tea.

5. Nettle Tea

Well, the idea of nettle tea might be a bit strange to many people. And indeed this tea is very herbal, and I would recommend it to people who are used to strong herbal tea. I have a long history with nettles, I guess anyone with active childhood does. I burnt myself so many times with this plant…once I even fell into the huge bush of nettles….not such happy memories. Anyways, I always knew that this plant can be eaten, as in Russia some people add it to soup. I know, it is absolutely gross and I would never put it in my food. But tea is another matter. And I do enjoy a cup of nettle tea with a tea-spoon of honey before going to bed. Firstly, it is the most relaxing thing ever. Now it’s my must-have step in bed-time routine, it has even replaced my all time favourite chamomile tea. I started to drink this tea as I’ve heard that it is very good for acne-prone skin. And I can say that it’s definitely true as always see difference in the morning when I had nettle tea the night before or not. I don’t exactly why it helps, I guess because it helps with digestion, but the fact is it does help to clean up my skin!

So this is my list of my all time favourite herbal teas. I also love many other types such as ginger, berries or jasmine tea. My next one to try is dandelion leaf tea, and I have very expectations about this one!

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