Turmeric & Coconut Milk Golden Elixir

Turmeric Golden Milk

I love turmeric, it’s one of the best natural anti-inflammatory ingredients one can find! A while ago, I came across the recipe of the Turmeric Golden Elixir (or Golden Milk as it’s sometimes called) and when I tried to prepare it myself it came out absolutely amazing. I shared a picture on my Instagram before, so if you follow me there, you might have seen it already. It’s definitely a super tasty drink and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to implement more turmeric into their everyday diet.

Ingredients: for 2 cups of this drink, I used 400ml of organic coconut milk (any other non-dairy milk will do), 1 tbsp of coconut oil (apparently turmeric is best consumed with a bit of fat), 1-2 tbsp of honey and 2-3 roots of fresh turmeric (can be replaced by 1-2 tsp of turmeric powder).

Preparation: Bring the half of coconut milk to the simmer, mix it with honey. Pour another half of milk into blender, add coconut oil and turmeric. Blend till fully combined, then mix it with simmered half. Enjoy while warm!

It’s that simple to make and it’s the way more comforting drink than even hot chocolate, plus it’s more beneficial too! But please be aware that turmeric stains everything yellow, so you might need to brush your teeth afterwards! 🙂

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