Weekend discoveries

weekend discoveries

None of my trips to London could go without purchasing some lovely treats for myself! And this weekend trip was no different. My weekend discoveries were made possible thanks to Selfridges and Whole Foods Market. I actually should keep myself away from this places especially as I have stumbled across natural beauty products corner in Selfridges. To be honest I even did not know it was there, so I now I have new favourite place and I think I could easily live there!

In that lovely corner I purchased Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque. I have heard lots of positive reviews about Aesop. Particularly I wanted to try this mask and finally I laid my hands on it. It has very strong herbal smell and feels very natural. I have already tried it and it looks like it works by speeding up the blemish “cycle”. I had a couple of new blemishes on my face and the next morning after I applied the mask they were at a much later stage, so very happy about it. I know this description might not make sense but I am sure all acne sufferers will understand what I am trying to say…So I will use it for the next couple of weeks and see how it goes.

At Wholefoods Market I bought Pukka Organic Bio Nutrients Vitalise sachets. Basically this is just a blend of various herbs and plant extracts such as beetroot, green tea, wheat grass etc that suppose to make you feel full of energy….the natural way of course. I had taken Pukka Organic Bio Nutrients Cleanse before and it made my tummy to feel so much better, so I decided to give a go to Vitalise mixture as we all need a bit more vitality support during winter! You mix a content of one sachet (1 tsp) with a glass of water or smoothie in the morning. It tastes quite horrible to tell the truth, but I hope it is worth it.


And my last weekend discovery is Isle of Skye Bohemian Rose Candle. This candle is sooo good! First of all, it is handmade in Scotland on the Isle Of Skye using soya wax so it satisfies the main ethical issues. And it smells just divine…and burns really well feeling the room with pleasant but not overpowering aroma. I sniffed all other candles that were in Wholefoods Market, but the Bohemian Rose was just so fragrant and at the same time so gentle that I had to get it. And I am happy I did as this is undoubtedly the most pleasing bit of this weekend discoveries!


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