Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich Toner Review

Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich Toner reviewAs I delve deeper into the exciting world of k-beauty, many Korean skincare brands have already become strong favourites of mine. Whamisa is undoubtedly one of the big stars of natural K-beauty scene and I couldn’t resist to fall under the brand’s spell.

Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich Toner is one of the Whamisa’s best known products and it will be a main character in this story…This is an essence toner enriched with fermented plant extracts and designed to moisturise, gently exfoliate and prepare skin for serum and moisturiser application. Deep Rich Toner is especially beneficial for normal to dry skin. Here can come a question from my readers who know that I have oily and acne-prone skin, how can I use the product for dry skin? The answer is simple I never look at the product skin type recommendations instead I focus on ingredients, brand reputation and my skin needs. I also feel that after all the effort, my skin is more normal type at the moment rather than oily. Additionally I never use creams on my face so all other skincare products I use like toners, serums and lotions should be moisturising enough to avoid dehydration especially during cold winter month!

So how is this toner different from other products? First of all it feels less watery and has much thicker texture than other toners I’ve tried, this makes it much easier to apply on skin straight away without a need for cotton pad. Another big difference I would say is that it has more skin benefits that you would usually expect from a toner. In addition to refreshing and conditioning skin, Whamisa Deep Rich Toner moisturisers, brightens, purifies and I’ve noticed that it provides gentle exfoliation too. Usually exfoliating toners can be really drying and even irritating for more sensitive skin. But Whamisa toner offers very gentle exfoliation, improving overall skin tone and boosting skin radiance. So I would say that this toner is a truly multi-tasking product with numerous skin benefits. I can sometimes use this toner on its own, without applying any products afterwards and my skin feels very happy. I usually use it in my pm routing, following evening cleansing and I would use it every 1-2 days or everyday if my skin feels particularly tight or dehydrated.

Whamisa Deep Rich Toner’s key ingredients. Whamisa toner doesn’t contain any water, which is a great point as water-free products require less preservatives to prolong their shelf life and I find that their more effective too thanks to the concentrated formulation. This toner is enriched with fermented flower extracts, that are at the heart of the brand in general. Using fermentation process for flower and plant extracts preserves their properties and keeps the ingredients stable for much longer. On top of that, Whamisa toner is enriched with such skin beneficial ingredients like Aloe Vera leaf extract, Broccoli extract, Avocado and Argan oils.

You get 120ml of product for £28.25 and it is very economical to use. I had this toner for almost a year and I am just finishing it up now. By the way, it still has the same light flowery scent as when I just opened it, definitely no sign of the product going bad. And the bottle comes with the most beautiful box, good enough even for the special gift! Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it and it was already recycled, so you have to trust my word! You can get Whamisa products at CosNatural and get 10% off with my promo-code balance10

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