Whamisa Organic Flowers Hydrogel Sheet Mask Review

Whamisa Organic Flowers Fermented Hydrogel Mask Review

Ok, so I am so excited to share this review with you guys, because I’ve been so impressed with my recent green beauty discovery, I couldn’t keep to myself any longer. Let me introduce you to Whamisa, a natural skincare & haircare brand from South Korea. The main point that makes this brand to stand out from others is the use of fermented plant extracts in its formulations. In addition, Whamisa products are Ecocert certified, cruelty free and as I understood, they are vegan friendly. And don’t start me talking about their packaging…it’s absolutely beautiful!

I should say in advance, that I have a soft spot for Asian brands in general and Korean skincare was something I was dying to try. So when I came across Whamisa products, I couldn’t resist the temptation. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen my haul, but in this post I am going to share my thoughts on their Organic Flowers & Aloe Vera Fermented Hydrogel Facial Mask. I got this mask from the US online retailer Glow Recipe. It’s a bit expensive at $9 each. There is another Korean retailer with affordable international shipment TesterKorea that sells Whamisa products much-much cheaper. But for some reason they don’t stock this particular mask…I think I will order other products from them to try though, as I find Glow Recipe pricing to be just too expensive. Hopefully TesterKorea will bring this Organic Flowers mask in the future!

Ok, so now back to my review. Basically, this mask is a sheet mask soaked in the rich essence (very popular concept in Asia). You can find the full ingredients on the Whamisa website, basically both sheet and mask are mainly made from different plant extracts, some of them are fermented too. I would really love to name a few active ingredients, but I am a bit lost here, because there are just so many! I think I will focus just on my thoughts in this one.


This is how the mask looks like when you open the packaging. I should say that the first time it was a bit tricky to apply. Let me put it this way – it’s not exactly a perfect fit for my a bit long face 🙂 My second attempt was much better! I should say that it sticks to the face much better than I thought, it didn’t really move much. The sheet itself is a clear, gel like material (I think it’s mainly plant based). The essence is a clear thick liquid with a very pleasant and refreshing flowery scent. For me it’s something between plum and ginseng 🙂

I applied this mask after cleansing my face and left it for aprox. 30-40 min. During this time it had dried quite a lot and I just peeled it off. It’s really easy to do. There was a bit of essence left, but I didn’t wash it off and left it overnight. That’s why I think it’s a really good idea to do this mask in the evening.


Ok, so now let’s talk about the results. I should say I was very impressed as I didn’t expect to see any visible changes to my skin after one application. I even had to take some after pictures. I didn’t edit them on purpose, the only thing I regret is that I didn’t take any before pictures!

Whamis mask results1Whamisa mask results 2

As promised on the packaging, my skin looked so much brighter and well-nourished! It’s definitely a great product for anyone who is concerned with their skin colour and texture. It’s very brightening, skin tone correcting, refreshing product to achieve radiant complexion. I actually couldn’t believe my eyes how glowing my skin looked. The pores and post acne spots were less visible, the skin colour looked very fresh and my skin felt very soft to touch. So I am definitely in love with this mask! It’s one of these rare products that give immediate and visible results. Now I only need to find where to buy it at cheaper price, because $9 per single use is a bit steep for me.

Another point that concerns me a bit is that it’s not the most environmentally-friendly product as each mask is packaged individually, so quite a lot of waste only after one use. But I think this kind of concentrated product is not something you want to use too often. I would probably say it’s more than enough to use 1-2 times per month.

There are another sheet masks by Whamisa, two more hydrogel masks and one sea kelp mask. I am preparing a video about kelp one, with a demo and my thoughts, so stay tuned! I hope to publish it this coming week.

Are there any Whamisa products that you’ve tried? Or do you have other favourite natural skincare brands made in Asia? Please share in the comments 🙂


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