Yoga home practice – 5 tips for beginners

Yoga home practice tips for beginnersI believe that there are plenty of amazing yoga classes and inspirational yoga teachers around the globe who will guide you through your yoga journey and will teach you all you need to know…Unfortunately you might not have an opportunity to meet such teacher or attend such class for various reasons (welcome to my life!). If you are still very keen on practising yoga even in this case than home practice might be a perfect solution for you. It might be tricky to start yoga home practice and stick to it, but it’s so worth it if you do. I am not anywhere near a yoga expert, I am a novice myself and I have been practising only for around two years. But there are so many small things I’ve learnt that really improved my practice. In this post I will share the most basic ones to actually get you on the mat in the first place and help to stay there. These are more on how to set up the practice rather than motivate. I truly believe that there are no tips for finding motivation as it can only come from the inside of each person. So here we go with the actual tips!

1. Do your homework first. Yoga is not a science, but it’s a practice that needs to be studied and understood. I don’t want to overcomplicate things in this post as I am still learning myself. Anyway, there are plenty of yoga magazines or yoga web sites that give you some basic information. Google will help you with this. You would really need to read about yoga styles like ashtanga, viynasa, bikram etc; sun salutations (if you go for ashtanga), asanas suitable for beginners and correct alignment for each asana. Also, when learning about new asanas it is important to pay attention whether they would not escalate any existing health concerns. For example, tree pose is one of the most basic asanas suitable for beginners, yet if you have ever injured your knee, it might worsen your injury. You need to remember that yoga does have healing properties but it can also hurt you. So if you have some serious health concerns it’s better to find yoga class dedicated to healing.

2. Find a good spot. It could be in your house, in the garden or even in the park where there is enough space so that you don’t bump into things when getting into asanas. If you just start yoga practice, it’s better be a quite place as well to help you focus. It could be a good idea to tidy up the place before hand, lit some candles and play soft music in order to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere!

3. Get a non-slippery mat and comfortable clothing. It could be a yoga mat, rug or even a towel…as long as your hands and feet do not slide, it will work. Clothing should be very comfortable too to allow free movement. A cotton top and loose trousers or shorts should do it as long as they are not too baggy. I actually have lots of yoga photos on Instagram account wearing tight capris or leggins, but I usually practise wearing sweatpants!

4. Always warm up before practice.  This is if you go for a really physical kind of yoga like ashtanga. You are supposed to do sun salutations as a warm up in this case, but I find that it’s not enough and do rotating movements for all joints starting from the neck and finishing with ankles.

5.Don’t forget to breath. This is such an obvious point, but it’s just too easy not to pay attention to it. It’s a key to have a steady deep breathing during yoga practice. You need to move and align your body with the help of breath. At first you need to really focus on, but then you will find it comes very naturally and that the correct breathing makes it much easier to hold any asana!

The bonus tip: don’t ever feel discouraged if you cannot manage even basic yoga poses. It’s not some sort of competition and it’s ok if your asana does not look perfect. It’s how you feel inside that matters, all the rest will come with time!

Ok, I think that’s it from me for now. I do plan to write a bit more about my yoga journey as I learn new things every day. Please do share if you plan to start practising yoga. If you already practise, do you visit yoga classes or prefer to practise at home?

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  1. A good mat is so important! Great tips!

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