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Geomancy & Land Healing

The land can offer us guidance, direction and support

Misty Slopes

What is Geomancy & Land Healing?

It is connecting with the land and honoring the land- Mother Earth.

Geomancy is an unfolding path of developing and maintaining deep connection with the land and its inhabitants. 

The goal is enhancing the health and the wellbeing, to optimize your space in a way that it will best benefit you and your family.

 You will gain better understanding of the energies present within your home and property.

 "I will work closely with every client, always keeping in mind his or hers wishes and the desired results they want to achieve."

Quantum physics proves that everything is made of energy and, for centuries, the Earth has been studied from all angles.  

We now know that there are Ley Lines, Geomagnetic Lines; Geological Faults; Negative Ley Lines; Underground Water Courses;  Dark Streams;  Energy Vortices, Hartmann & Curry grids; Spirit Presences, Electromagnetic Stress and more. It is important to identify, locate, and heal natural or man-made issues that are hurting the land and those inhabiting it.

Issues that Geaomancy can help with

Harmonising the land and flow of the energy

  • Sleep problems and you wake up every morning exhausted.

  • Health problems

  • Thickness of  several family members living in the same house.

  • Difficulty in gaining ‘flow’ in all areas of your life: weather it is health, relationships or the flow of money

  • When you feel there is something energetic wrong in your home.

  • Thickness of  several family members living in the same house

  • Checking property or land before purchasing

  • Determining the strongest places on your land and the weaker ones

  • Dowsing for underground water

  • Dowsing for geopathic stress, energy lines, lay lines

  • When you feel there is something energetic wrong in your home.

Dowsing rods

How to locate geomacnetic stress

Dowsing goes back to ancient times and people use all sorts of tools for dowsing. It is a way to connect with the source of the land on a very deep level. Dowsers use various tools such as: copper rods, pendulums, and forked twigs. The dowsing tool is just that, a tool, it does not hold any special properties. The tool allows the dowser to read the energy, to gain more information about a plot of land, a person’s energy, a home, room an object and more.


How to correct geopatic stress

The best solution to the problem of geopathic stress is to neutralize and block the distorted flow of energy. I offer to do this on the site or remote. 

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