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Nourish Your Life: A Journey to Healthy Nutrition and Mindful Living

Program Length: 4 months
Program Frequency: Biweekly
Session Duration: 8 sessions x 60 minutes
Communication Method: In-person or video chat
Green Smoothy

I see where you're coming from, and I'm here for you.

Salad dish
If you're feeling lost on where to kickstart a healthier you and are not into home cooking, rest assured, I understand your struggle. I've got your back. Let's embark on this wellness and health journey together.
whole food diet

Program Overview:

Session 1: Creating a Wellness Vision
  • Explore the balance between activity and slowing down
  • Understand the principles of a healthy whole food diet
  • Discuss the importance of crowding out processed foods
  • Introduction to maintaining a food diary
Session 2: Essentials for Quick and Healthy Meals
  • Learn the art of meal prep, including basics and storage container tips
  • Identify 10 fresh foods to always have in the fridge
  • Essentials to store in the pantry
  • Quick and healthy recipes using essential ingredients
Session 3: Setting Goals
  • Raise awareness about sugar consumption
  • Understand the benefits of seasonal eating
  • Seasonal recipes
Session 4: Guidance for Sustainable Shifts
  • Dive into the health benefits of leafy greens and discover recipes
  • Further insights into food choices and effective meal prep strategies
  • Quick and easy bowls
Session 5: Support for Ongoing Changes
  • Embrace the concept of "eating the rainbow"
  • Explore new recipes
  • Support in creating a practical weekly menu plan
Session 6: Exploring Challenges
  • Focus on gut health and its impact on overall well-being
  • Discuss mindful eating practices
  • Receive tips to maintain balance in various aspects of life
Session 7: Progress Check-In
  • Review achievements and challenges since the beginning
  • Adjust goals and strategies based on personal progress
  • Explore the world of nourishing smoothies for quick, healthy meals
Session 8: Cultivating Long-Term Habits
  • Develop strategies for sustaining healthy habits beyond the program
  • Discuss long-term wellness goals and create a roadmap for the future
  • Recap key principles and reinforce the importance of ongoing mindfulness
Healthy Bowls

This program is designed to guide you on a holistic journey toward improved health and well-being. Each session aims to empower you with knowledge, practical skills, and ongoing support, fostering sustainable lifestyle changes for a nourished and balanced life.

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