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The Flying Stars

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

This is the base of classical Feng Shui

Flying Stars is just like in human astrology, where we use a person’s date, time and location of birth to calculate their destiny in life.

In Classical/ Traditional -Feng Shui we use similar information to analyze a building. In other words, to determine the energy of a house, we need to know the year when it was built and the orientation/ the compass direction.

This energy pattern is called Flying Stars. The Building is divided in 9 equal sections called Gua. Each Gua correspond to a different aspect of life ( such as Love, Prosperity, Life’s Journey, Creativity, Family, Career, Success etc.)

There is a combination of numbers in each Gua: Sitting- Facing- Construction Cycle- and Annual- Number. These numbers are floated form the Centre into the Guas- called Flying Stars..

Floating the numbers refers to the process of calculating the Chi using the Magic square as the template pattern for the numbers.

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