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The 5 Elements

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

The 5 Elements are Balancing our Homes: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood

The 5 elements represents the five energies in nature

and in our body, which is a system of Balance and Harmony.

It is the active Chi, the principal of Yin and Yang.

We bring the elements into our homes with natural elements, colors and artwork.

The elements do more than represent physical matter; they also describe all the movement of life or transformations observed in nature. The Five Element Theory is a significant part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where it is recognized that illness is the result of Elemental imbalance.


The Wood element is uprising, the energy is strong and signifies vitality and flexibility, expansion, creativity and health.

Colors: Green

Shape: Rectangular

Material: Trees, plants and fresh flowers


The Fire element is the most Yang of the five elements. It is in the south as fullest expression of the sun. It is action and passion, fame, power an supports getting your light out in the world.

Colors: Reds, purples, Burgundy, cranberry, plum, bright pink

Shape: Triangles, pyramids and tall pointed shapes.

Material: Candles (only count when lit) lighting, lamps, sunset/ sunrise artwork


The Earth is our home and provides nourishment for all beings on it. Earth is soil and sand and the rocks. Earth grounds us it represents the safety and security of home.

Colors: Terra Cotta, yellow, browns and beiges

Shape: Square, low objects associated with the feeling of stability

Material: Sand, Ceramics, marble, granite, rocks, crystals


The Metal element represents focus and clarity- strength to carry through to reach goals, it assists with health, wealth and love

Colors: White, gold, sliver, copper, reflective colors and pastels

Shape: oval, arches and round

Material: iron, steel and copper and any object made of metal

The Water element represents abundance and prosperity, movement, cleansing, purifying, allowing to flow and peach blossom to bloom. The senses are all activated with the Water element.

Colors: Black, indigo or dark blue (the color is not as effective as the element)

Shape: wavy and curvy patterns

Material: Water, aquariums and pools

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