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House Cleansing Rituals

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Your home is comprised of endlessly transforming energy fields. Your are one with your home. Your home is alive and has consciousness.

The tradition of house cleansing has existed for centuries in a variety of cultures. Ancient Native Americans understood that all forms of life, from the clouds, to the trees, to the buffalo were all transient patterns of energy. We are immersed in an ocean of energy.

Our homes can become trapped with heavy and stagnant energy. Negative thoughts and feelings like anger, sadness can become stuck in the home.

Cleansing our homes becomes imperative in ridding ourselves from the sources of harmful energy and fostering a more positive, vibrant nesting place.

Space clearings are a fantastic way to clear out the old energy and bring in the new. During a space clearing, we set intentions and re-program the space to align with our goals and intentions.

What is Space Cleansing?

A space cleansing (or clearing) is an ancient ritual used by many different cultures. Every space clearing is different, based on the needs of the space. We may use sage, palo santo, chimes, drums, crystals, essential oils, candles, meditations and set intentions.

It can also be just as very powerful to do a virtual space cleansing ceremony. In this case we start with a deep meditation and channeling energy from our guides. We ask for help to cleans the home of any old stagnant energy, any energies of low vibrations, any energy that is blocking the flow of joy and love and peace and abundance in the occupants home.

We always close the ceremony by giving thanks to our guides and blessing the home, so that it may feel love and light, laughter, happiness and joy, vibrant healthy energy and all the intentions the client wants to bring in.

When is a Space Cleansing needed?

It is always beneficial for an environment, but there are specific times when it is recommended.

- When moving into a new home

- To activate a positive atmosphere

- If there is a roommate or partner that has been moved out of the home

- After an occupant has been sick

- Anytime we are feeling stuck in life

- We want to bring in more harmony

- When we want to make room for changes

- During difficult times, divorces, conflicts etc.

- If someone in the home has passed away

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